Which apple variety to plant?

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Apple varieties plant differences

Apple trees can be found in many gardens. Now you might assume that it does not matter which apple variety you plant, The apples certainly grow equally well everywhere. But that is far from that. There are big regional differences.

Differences in North and South
Apples like it sunny on the one hand and moist on the other. Where one species wants more sun, the other more rain. And so the whole thing can be well graded and divided. Which means that apple trees, which grow and thrive in the south and bring plenty of harvest to the gardener, are far from holding in the north, from which the south profits.

Get advice from the gardener
So it's clear that you should not grow every apple tree in every part of the country if you want a lush harvest. Find out from your gardener which trees are the most suitable for the climate that prevails in your home. Those who pay attention will never have problems with apple harvesting.

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