Which fuel should be used?

The Content Of The Article: Please do not burn newspapers, paper or other household waste in your tiled stove. Use only untreated wood without residues of paint, stains or the like.
The wood should be air-dry, which means that it should have been deposited outdoors for about 2 years rainproof. The best is the wood if it has a residual moisture below 20%. The benchmark is the rel. Wood moisture even under 15%. With appropriate wood moisture meters, you can even determine the residual moisture of your firewood. This is important because dry wood has a higher calorific value than wet wood. Further advantages of dry wood are a lower amount of soot, as well as a reduction in emissions, because the pollutants then do not burn unburned through the chimney.
Hardwoods such as beech, oak and fruit trees are characterized by a calm flame pattern. Resin-poor woods such as birch, beech and oak have the advantage that the risk of sparks does not exist. If you would like to use other types of wood or fuel, ask
Best of all your wood specialist. When choosing the fuel, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your fireplace / tiled stove.
Also wood pellets, that are small pressed cylinders with a length of 8 - 30 mm and a diameter of 5 to 6 mm are very popular as fuel. Due to their high energy density, pellets require
650kg / ml a smaller storage volume than logs or wood chips. They are pourable and pourable. The quality and size of the pellets are regulated by the quality standard DIN 51731 or DINplus in Germany and Ö standard 7135 in Austria.
In some ovens coal (Caution: hard coal and anthracite are not suitable) can be burned. Please note, however, that when burning coal, more oxygen is needed and more ash is produced than when firing pure wood. If appropriate, wood briquettes and lignite briquettes are also suitable as fuels. You can refer your fuel either through a timber dealer or on the Internet about some stove manufacturers.

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