Why water lilies do not thrive

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Do not use water lilies too deep

Mostly, the water lilies are selected as ornamental plants by color. However, individual varieties have very individual location needs and so the selected color of the water lily simply can not be matched to the location of the pond. Exactly here is the reason if Water lilies do not thrive.

Do not use the water lily too deep
Although the water lily is otherwise very easy to maintain, it takes its location very carefully. On the other hand, if the water lily is used too deep in the pond, the leaves barely reach the surface of the water and the flowers also show only very little, because the growth of the plant as a whole is weak.

The water level of the pond is crucial
A too low water level of the pond causes the leaves to protrude above the water and the flowers disappear under them. Especially tall plants can completely overgrow a small pond very quickly. Important in the selection of the water lily is therefore not only the location but also the pond size and the depth of water into which the plants are ultimately to be used.

For most varieties of water lilies, they are Water depths from 50 to around 80 centimeters accept. Strong plants can easily cope with a water depth of one meter or even more. In terms of space requirements, these specimens need about one square meter of water surface, tall specimens can require up to two square meters while the small specimens often settle for half a square meter.

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