Plant and care for the widow's flower properly

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The widow's flower is a wildflower, which is found especially on meadows. But you can also plant widow flowers in the garden. Read here how to do that.

Widow flowers magically attract butterflies

The widow's flowers, which are native to Europe, often meet us on the side of the road and the edge of the forest. They bloom there in bright pink, red and purple colors and attract many insects magically. And although this extremely robust (frost-resistant), easy-care plant has even been cultivated for gardening, it rarely finds enough attention in the perennial flowerbed. Today we would like to show you how easy it is to plant this beautiful flower in the garden.

Already knew:

In the vernacular, the widow's flower is also known as N├Ąherkisselchen, thunder flower or thunderstorm. The reason for this is that in the past she was said to have attracted the thunderstorm, which is why she was not popular with humans.

Plant a widow flower

The up to 1 meter tall widow flowers are often offered as inexpensive potted plants in the garden market. There they are now even available as new breeds in the flower colors white, dark purple (almost black) and violet-blue. I like the red flowering Macedonian variant best. But you can also plant the offshoots of wild plants in your garden bed.

" Tip:

From time to time also the seeds of the widow flowers (for the sowing in the spring) are offered in specialized trade. However, you can collect and dry this in the field in the fall as well. Sowing of the seeds should take place next spring.

In all varieties, a dry, nutrient-rich, preferably sunny location is preferred. In width, the plant reaches a diameter of about 50 - 70 cm, so that a planting distance of about 60 cm should be maintained.

The widow's flower is particularly good if it is placed in small groups of at least 3 - 4 plants in the perennial flowerbed.

Care of the widow's flower

The widow flower already blooms from May (depending on the variety) and lasts until autumn. Especially the meadow widow's flower even adorns a wildflower meadow. You can also put the beautiful flowers as cut flowers in a vase.

┬╗Watering & Fertilizing:

On particularly hot summer days, you should also water the widow flowers in the morning or in the evening. However, in most cases you can do without the use of fertilizer. Only the new varieties sometimes require the gift of a complete fertilizer in the spring.


Once the widow flowers have faded in the fall, you should cut them back generously. In winter, the flowers need but then no additional protection.

┬╗Diseases / pests:

Of diseases or special pests, the widow's flower is actually not affected. The opposite is more the case, because with this flower beautiful butterflies are attracted. And also useful bees are magically attracted by the widow's flower.

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