Gently fight wild bees - expel them naturally

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Gently fight wild bees - expel them naturally: expel

However, because the bee usually means the Western Honeybee, which is used in the beekeeping, the name Wild Bee stands for all other species that are not involved in the production of honey.

Wild bees in nature

In Germany live about 600 wild bee species, which hardly differ externally. Some of these species live like honey bees in states and build common nests, but most are loners, build their own nest and provide their offspring all alone.
Another group of wild bees are the cuckoo bees, like the cuckoo lay their eggs in foreign nests and there can be supplied by other bees. Due to the destruction of their habitats many of these wild bee species are now threatened with extinction, so they should not be fought if possible.
The killing of the animals as well as the destruction of their nests is even forbidden according to the nature protection law. However, if it is absolutely necessary to expel them from certain places, only gentle means should be used.

Naturally expel wild bees

Compared to the honey bees that attack humans when they approach their nest too close, the wild bees are very peaceful even near their breeding grounds and do not defend their brood. They only sting when they feel extremely threatened, that is, they have to step on them or otherwise scare them into deaths to be stung by them. For this reason, it is usually not necessary to fight them.
In addition, they are very useful in the garden because they provide the necessary pollination of the plants, so they are usually seen in gardeners welcome. However, where many children play and there is a risk that they may step on a bee and then be stung or where, due to an allergy or any other reason, wild bees may be relocated, some measures may be taken to ensure that they do look for another nesting place.

Gentle fight

Many wild bees build their nest in the ground, but some also in old wood, which lies in the garden, between stones or in cavities. Therefore, where there is no wood and no stones, these species will not build a nest. Likewise, bees depend on their nest being lit by the sun for a period of time. By shading the appropriate places can therefore be ensured that they no longer use these sites as a nesting site.

Offer the wild bees a nesting place

Another way to steer the choice of nesting site is in a wild bee house, which is hung in a place where the bees do not disturb. For this purpose, a thick block of wood or a trunk section is sufficient. Holes of various sizes are drilled into the wood, which are used by the wild bees as nesting sites. In this way, one's own interests can be easily agreed with nature conservation.

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