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Would you like to welcome an exciting plant in your garden, which can have a positive effect on your health and the diversity of your kitchen? Which decorates your garden very early in the year with rich green and later produces a magical white flower carpet? - Then you should consider setting up wild garlic.
Wild garlic contains many good ingredients, in addition to health-promoting effects on many individual body areas he should strengthen the body in general. Therefore, it has its name: The Germanic people are convinced that the brown bears like to eat wild garlic after hibernation, because he helps them quickly back to bear forces.
In the kitchen, it can be used as versatile as garlic, only unpleasant odors remain spared the wild garlic. Fans of Mediterranean cuisine just need this reason to plan large wild garlic areas in their garden, which can quickly become reality if you pay attention to a few things:
Select location
Before you think about how to bring wild garlic to your garden, you should explore whether you can offer it a cheap location. Because wild garlic needs a half or full shady place, it is particularly good under bushes, trees and hedges. There, he should hit a humus-rich, moist soil with as much lime as possible, in pure sandy soil, the wild garlic will become difficult.
Actually, wild garlic is not a plant for a very neatly landscaped garden, because he feels comfortable in decayed leaves that fell from the plants above him. If you do not have such areas, you could bring in leaves from outside. The garden will then look a little more natural. You should plan quite a lot of space for the wild garlic. Once he feels comfortable, he will proliferate vigorously over the years.
If you do not want the wild garlic to spread all over the garden, you should even plan for a rhizome barrier (root protection fleece) before you start the settlement.
Grow wild garlic
The choice is yours: wild garlic can be sown in the garden, put on as an onion or planted as a finished plant. However, the sowing is a tedious task, because the wild garlic seeds are cold germs that take one to over two years to germinate. Even if you purchase pre-treated seeds in the trade, you should adjust to a fairly long germination time. And then it can happen that the seeds were not fresh enough. Then maybe they have already lost their germination ability? This is very fast with wild garlic seeds.
If you want to use wild garlic seeds, you should sow them right at the intended location. This can be in the summer or fall, then you can just wait and see if the seeds develop. The usual method of growing in small plant pots is theoretically conceivable, but you would then have to make sure that the plant pots are wet enough for up to two years, and it is also not unlikely that a moss layer forms on the plant pots in this time that disturbs the germination of wild garlic. If you want to dare the experiment: wild garlic seeds you can z. B. at the seed house Müller in 75210 Keltern under to order.
You definitely have more chance of success if you stick directly on wild garlic bulbs, which you can buy in well-stocked garden centers and online shops. Wild garlic bulbs you can z. B. between August and November at the company Bering Meier gardening supplies from 34454 Bad Arolsen over order, 25 pieces cost about 13, - Euro.
The wild garlic bulbs are simply stuck in the ground like a normal flower bulb. The tip should be covered about one to two centimeters with earth. You can put the onions in groups of about four each, the individual groups should be planted at a distance of about 30 cm. The onions can be planted immediately in the soil during the entire delivery time, they must even be planted immediately as they can not be stored. You should then drive out the following spring.
Use finished plants
It's quick and easy to get your wild garlic in the garden when you buy and plant finished plants. You can buy your wild garlic plantlets via the wild garlic information page of Franz and Gisela Schmidt from 51469 Bergisch Gladbach, where there are 20 wild garlic plantlets for 20, - Euro or 50 to 60 plants for 15, - Euro. On the website will explain how you can submit the order by e-mail.
Depending on the weather, you can buy wild garlic at this address between mid-February and the end of March.Here you will get wild garlic plants that come fresh from the forest, they still have their leaves and will be after planting and watering in a few days to be grown.
When planting, the onion should be placed a few centimeters below the soil surface, the plants are planted at a distance of about one hand's length. Do not forget to vigorously water the wild garlic plantlets after planting. Also in the next two weeks, you should still make sure that the soil does not dry out. If the wild garlic has grown firmly, it is less demanding, but wild garlic likes it rather humid than too dry.
The joyous Selbstaussaat can be a nuisance
If your wild garlic feels comfortable, they will now spend some trouble-free years together, but then it will come to mind to multiply. Once he has really started, he will spread unrestrainedly if you set no limits. For wild garlic controls two propagation strategies, it multiplies by onion sprouts and by seeds, the hard-working ants spread for him.
It has already been mentioned above that a rhizome barrier can be introduced against the spread of the onion shoots. If you have not laid them around their Bärlauchwiese from the outset, it is now dig and root protection fleece insert. You can slow down the spreading of the seeds more easily: you just have to cut the fruits before the seeds are ripe. The stems with the ball of small green balls at the end can be used for extravagant floral artworks, but you can also insert the fruits like capers.

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