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Do you already know our garden planning service? Since January 1st our new planning team Simone Landmark and Tobias Domroes offers creative garden ideas for DIY. Take part in our little quiz and, if you are lucky, win a garden design that is individually tailored to your property.

Simone Landmark and Tobias Domroes develop a garden plan according to your ideas, which you can implement either yourself or with the support of a gardening company. After studying gardening at the Fachhochschule Osnabrück, both studied landscape architecture and operate their own planning office in the city triangle Karlsruhe - Mannheim - Heidelberg. Tobias Domroes also appears regularly in the RTL series "My Garden" as a moderator and garden expert.

Win a garden plan!: garden

Our planning team, Tobias Domroes and Simone Landmark, developed the garden designs for the first three winners

The special feature of our planning service: You can download and fill out a detailed questionnaire via our homepage. You then send this including the floor plan of your property and as many meaningful photos of the current condition of your garden. Based on your specifications, the planning team will make you a non-binding offer. Depending on the desired planning scope, you will receive either a pure design or a design including a detailed planting plan. Further information about our planning service including questionnaire and price list can be found here.

In which city will the Federal Garden Show take place this year?

Win a garden plan!: plan

G) Schwerin
U) Chemnitz
L) Ravensburg
F) Bielefeld

Which vocational training has our planning team completed before studying landscape architecture?

C) Carpenter
A) gardener
M) Technical draftsman
E) decorator

What is the name of the pictured perennial?

Win a garden plan!: Domroes

S) girl's eye
R) sun hat
N) Sunflower
I) Yarrow

Complete the following peasant rule: "As golden as the sun shines in July, so golden is the... ground."

L) wheat
A) Oats
T) rye
V) corn

What is the name of the noble garden designer who went down in history as the "garden prince"?

Win a garden plan!: garden

B) Leopold I to Lippe-Detmold
E) Hermann von Pückler-Muskau
G) Friedrich August I of Saxony
O) George II. Henry to Waldeck and Pyrmont

In which garden show is Tobias Domroes to be seen as moderator and garden expert?

H) "Querbeet"
P) "Guide home and garden"
I) "greens"
N) "My garden"

What is the flower bush pictured?

Win a garden plan!: garden

A) hydrangea
T) hibiscus
P) Summer lilac
W) blue tones

What do you call the sticky sugar juice that aphids excrete?

E) leaf nectar
L) honeydew
F) lice resin
Y) Gold water

What do you call this unique device for soil loosening?

Win a garden plan!: Domroes

A) sow tooth
C) Basic hook
D) Subsoiler
I) cultivator

Which of the following berry bushes is a cross between two different species?

M) gooseberry
N) Jostabeere
U) Japanese grape
X) blackberry
The competition is closed!

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