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With their huge variety of colors and varieties, roses are among the most popular garden plants and inspire hobby gardeners every year with lush flowers and a wonderful fragrance. However, for the plants to be at their best, they need sufficient nutrients and sometimes some support to prevent black spot and mildew infections - the most common rosacea diseases.

Together with the company Compo, we are raffling off 20 organic rose care kits consisting of one pack of Bio Rosen long-term fertilizer (2000 grams) and one pack of organic mildew-free Thiovit Jet (five 15-bag sachets). The organic rose fertilizer contains 50 percent of sheep's wool and provides the plants all the nutrients they need for vigorous growth and beautiful flowers - one application per season is sufficient, because the effect begins immediately and lasts for five months. The sheep's wool is characterized by a high nutrient content and good water storage capacity. It ensures a more balanced water balance in the soil and enriches it with valuable humus.

Organic mildew-free Thiovit Jet, a preparation for the prevention and control of fungal diseases, is also approved for organic farming. The well-proven active ingredient sulfur protects the leaf surfaces from penetrating fungal spores and, when used correctly, ensures that existing infections do not spread further.

In order to participate in our raffle, you only need to complete and submit the attached form below until 15 June - you're in! Good luck to all the participants!

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