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Wind chimes - what's for the garden?: garden

The parents or the grandparents were repeatedly urged to blow the wind chime in the garden by blowing, if the little ones are not yet able to speak. Wind chimes for the garden fascinate not only the smallest of earthlings, no, even the big ones.

Wind chimes for the garden

For several years, the range of wind games has been growing and also the design range. In the meantime the right wind chime is really available for every garden, for every taste, every personal style, from the most different materials but also in almost every price range.
Let's just stay with the material and the question: Wind chimes, which are there for the garden? More sporty wind chimes are made of more flexible frames, in which weather-independent fabric, similar to a windbreaker or a flag in drawn wire is stretched. They resemble wind turbines that simply bribe through the colorful or colored sails. Shaped animals are available from the same material, for example fish that have a large mouth and have small strips of cloth attached to their tail. They, in turn, resemble the well-known wind detectors that can be found all over the nationwide highways, and where you can tell whether wind is blowing or how strong the gusts are, for example, on bridges. Animals in this species are many different, both in terms of animals and size and colors.
But it is also important that you pay attention to the attachment when buying. Before you think about exactly where you want to attach the wind chime in the garden, and whether you may additionally need a small ground anchorage. Because, depending on the size of the wind chime, the wind, which belongs to the forces of nature, sometimes pulls very hard on your wind chime, and the danger that the decoration object says goodbye at the next strong gust and disappears into lofty heights, is great. Some wind chimes are mounted on a sufficiently large rod, that they can be conveniently placed in window boxes or even in the soil of a flower bed. Some are meant to hang. Think carefully before making this purchase, where will you hang this wind chime? If you can not hang it up freely so that the wind can play freely with the wind chime, you will have little or no joy in it.
Wind turbines made of wood, they impress with a classic style and subtle colors, unless they are colorfully painted or glazed. If they are untreated, they should be protected from the weather with a little wood stain, otherwise they are very quickly weathered and unattractive to look at. Then there are wind turbines or wind chimes made entirely of plastic. Here too, the shape and the color are almost inexhaustible. From the kallic shape that can be bought at every funfair or fair, to the most adventurous shapes that have sprung from imagination, to replicas of real existing windmills or wind chimes. Wind chimes that have integrated small sound or metal or plastic sound tubes are also on the rise in our gardens. They conquer, not only by the graceful movement, the hearts of the beholder, but also by the gentle sound, which not only lets the listener in nearby sun loungers fall into a gentle garden slumber.
Then of course you can make wind chimes yourself. On the Internet you will find many instructions that you can download for free. But also in the book sector, the offer is great. Many books even differ in handicrafts with and for children and then in the different age groups. If you are now curious, but you are looking specifically for Bastelanleitungen for wind turbines.
by Gabriele Sinzig-Freese

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