Renew and repair window putty - 6 helpful tips

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To renew the putty you should rather dismantle the windows. Otherwise you will have difficulty reaching all corners.

In times of silicone compound and sealants on hybrid basis, the good old window putty in some sure already forgotten. If you have plastic or aluminum windows in your house, you can safely do without it. Only when sealing wooden windows is putty still the first choice. He sticks best on wood.

Bad image of window cement

Although the idea of ​​puttied windows usually only has images of cracked or crumpled patches in the head, this is probably because the renewal is often waited too long. Once the putty begins to peel away from window glass and frame, it becomes critical: the heat loss at the seal site increases and it does not take long for the putty to chip off and the window to leak.

  1. The removal of the old putty is best done with a spatula, which of course should not leave scratches on the glass. If the putty is stubborn, you can warm it slightly with a hot air gun and soften. To rub off all residues, a water-ammonia mixture (10: 1) is recommended, which is wiped down with gloves and sponge.
  2. If the putty is completely removed, you now have to create the basis for the new seal: The wood of the window frame must be painted along the fold with linseed oil. A multiple application is necessary if the wood continues to absorb after the first time. If the oil is applied rich enough, it must dry properly.
  3. Now you glued the glass surface and the window frame to the fold with masking tape, so that the work is done clean.

Traditional putty is preferred

There are two types of window putty: The traditional one has always consisted of whiting and linseed oil varnish. It has to be processed the same way as it was ten or fifty years ago and dries slowly. The modern has a synthetic base, can be mounted directly from the can or pressure gun on the fold and dries quickly.

  1. Professionals recommend the traditional putty. He is applied with a putty knife on the fold and passed there. First of all, part of the mass must be softly kneaded and rolled with both hands. The roll can be so thin and long that you can put it like a skein in the fold, which is then just squeezed with a knife.
  2. If a corner area or a folded edge is ready cemented, you can paint a little chalk powder with a fine brush over the fold. This ensures that small irregularities of the fold are compensated and lightens the putty. Before you use the chalk, it is also beneficial to slide over the putty with a moistened finger to smooth it.
  3. The drying time of the Linseed Oil is estimated at 2 to 4 weeks. Synthetic putty takes one to two days.

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