Harvest grapes - three times

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Just plant three varieties

Do you like to eat grapes? If you stick to the following tip, you can even harvest grapes three times.

Do you like to eat grapes?
Everyone likes grapes. Not only in the form of wine, but also in between, for snacking. Many gardens are home to grapes. The plants grow and climb up trellises and form a natural roof and a magnificent protection from the sun. And when it gets summer, you can already snack on the first grapes.

Plant three different varieties
If you have room for more vines in your garden, then you should consider whether you also grow three different varieties: the early, the mid-early and the late grape. This has the advantage that you can harvest for up to two months.

Harvest and store grapes
When the grapes are ripe, simply cut the entire vine with pruning shears. Also remove the broken and eaten by animals grapes. You should always remove the vines with the scissors and with the stalk, never pluck. Grapes are stored cool, preferably in the fridge. There, wrap the grapes in a damp kitchen towel. And then you can taste the fruits!

Video Board: Harvesting Black Spanish Grapes First Time.

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