Cultivate wine in the summer - 3 valuable tips

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Wine cultivate summer tips

Grapevines in their own garden - not only delicious, but also beautiful jewelry. Especially on house walls or pergolas. If you want to harvest abundant grapes, you should start in June, the To cultivate wine.

  1. Here, above all, the fruit stands must be constantly monitored. Because not only the plant needs sun, but also - or above all - the grapes. If these are shaded by large leaves, you should remove them.
  2. It is also important that branches that have become too long are cut off. This happens three to five leaves behind the last set of fruit. On the one hand, the sun will reduce the amount of sunshine and on the other, the plant will be able to focus more energy on the growth of the fruits. So the grapes are bigger and sweeter.
  3. Since not every fruit stand grows evenly, it is also necessary that you thin out too small fruits (in relation to the others seen). These otherwise take away the energy from the stronger grapes.

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