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Making wine yourself is not that difficult. Just who can harvest a lot of fruit in the garden should try it once.
In the summer you can use the corresponding seasonal fruits, in winter you can try it with dried fruit or fruit concentrates. The fruits should have a lot of aroma. Very suitable are strawberries, elderflowers and plums. It is important that the fruits are very ripe. You must not have lazy places and not be angegoren.
To add wine
The fruits to be used must be washed well. You do without thorough washing, if the fruits are already damaged or very soft or if the stems have already been removed so that juice can escape. These fruits are rinsed off only briefly. They must drain well so that as few microorganisms adhere to them.
Berries must be crushed before piecing. Stone fruit is not pitted and only slightly crushed. Under no circumstances may the stones be damaged. Pome fruit must be crushed very heavily, but no mus must be from it.
From the prepared fruits, the wine is used for both mash fermentation and juice fermentation.
Example cherry wine
Cherry wine is best used with sour cherries. You need about 10 kilograms of it. The cherries are washed, pitted and crushed. If you do not pitted the cherries, be careful when crushing that the pips do not break. Take the potato masher or a blender for mincing. To fill up 5 liters of water and about 4.2 kilograms of sugar are needed. The sugar provides the necessary sweetness. In addition, still pure yeast belongs to it. Well suited is the varietyPortwein.
This mixture is added to a 25 liter fermenting balloon. Ideal are those made of glass, which can be closed with a fermentation attachment. Now the cherry wine is stored, he is fermenting.
Clink wine
Keltern comes from Latin and means kicking. There are several pressing steps.
Grapes grape
First, the stalking or destemming takes place. The stems are removed, which are very tannin-containing. The tannins make the juice and the wine bitter.
The second step is the crushing of the grapes. The result is a pulpy mass of kernels and pulp, which is referred to as mash. So far you treat red and white grapes alike.
After that, however, the ways separate. For the white grapes, the mash is immediately squeezed. The juice comes to a fermentation vessel, where it can ferment in peace. For red grapes, however, the mash must ferment immediately, so that the red dye can be obtained from the berries.
In the actual pressing, the must is separated from the mash. The pressing must be done quickly. As little as possible tannins, peelings and seeds should enter the must. Fermentation changes the sugar content of the juice. This happens through yeasts. Sugar becomes alcohol.

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