Winter-flowering houseplants: flower magic in the dark season

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Although it is cold and murky outside in winter, you do not have to do without colorful flowers in the house. Winter-flowering houseplants provide a fresh color that simply outshines the gray winter weather with its leaf or flower decoration. They are the best way to counter the winter blues.


The begonia is native to South America and belongs to the family of the Schiefblattgewächse. These flowering exotics are available in a variety of colors such as pink, orange, white or red to buy. Begonia is a classic winter-flowering houseplant. It prefers locations without direct sunlight and the temperature should be between 15 and 25 degrees throughout the year.

Flaming Katy

Yellow flowering Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana makes succulent leaves and is flowering almost all year round

The Kalanchoe, also called Flammendes Käthchen, Madagascarklöckchen or Brutblatt, is a decorative potted plant. With plenty of light and a temperature of 12 to 18 degrees, you create optimal conditions for this winter bloomer. Only water the plant when you see that the soil is dry.


Bromeliads in wicker baskets in front of a window

Guzmania bromeliads in wicker baskets are an effective eye-catcher

Bromeliads are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Latin America and belong to the pineapple family. The Achemea fasciata with its small blue flowers, the pink bracts and silver spotted leaf funnels is a particularly beautiful specimen and also one of the most easy-care species. In European households, Bromeliad feels most comfortable on a partially shaded windowsill at an average 20 degrees. Use low-calorific, room temperature-controlled water for casting. The earth should always be slightly moist.

Pot Azalea

Particularly beautiful winter-flowering indoor plants are the pot azaleas (Rhododendron simsii). The most common varieties are Japanese or Indian azaleas, which are usually available in the colors pink, red or white. The soil should always be kept moist and poured with lime-free water, because in the flowering season the pot azalea needs a lot of water, which should not lead to waterlogging. Fertilize your azalea from April to August with a special fertilizer and take care not to place the plant directly in the sun. The optimum temperature is between 15 and 22 degrees.

Pink colored pot azaleas

Potazales are a colorful eye-catcher, especially in winter, and delight their owners

Persian cyclamen

The Persian cyclamen, most commonly called room cyclamen, is one of the most popular winter-flowering houseplants. She prefers a partially shaded place in a cool room with about 15 degrees. Cyclamen need a lot of water during flowering, but you must avoid waterlogging. Zimmer cyclamen are usually available in the flower colors red, pink or white and due to their cold insensitivity the perfect decoration for cooler rooms and staircases.

pink and pink cyclamen

The flowers of the Zimmer-Cyclamen resemble small butterflies and also the leaves are extremely decorative with their clearly visible veins

Crown of thorns

The Christ's thorn is native to Madagascar and is a spurge plant, which is the succulent equivalent of the poinsettia. The plant owes its name to its thorns, which are supposed to recall the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. The Christ thorn likes to stand in the sun or at least partially. If you choose a rather shady and cool place for him, he may only be poured sip. Here, the cooler the environment, the less water the plant needs. In cool places, the Christdorn will not present the full bloom.

Pink blooming Christ thorn

At the tips of the thorny branches of the thorn thorn decorative flowers show in winter

Cattleya Orchids

Cattleyas have the most striking and intriguing flowers among the room's orchids. These winter-flowering houseplants like to be half shady and prefer a special orchid substrate. The best method of dipping is to dip: once a week, immerse the pot in lime-free water (boil the tap water for the best) and drain the pot well to avoid waterlogging. For fertilizing special orchid fertilizer, where you only need half of the recommended dosage.

Pink-yellow blooming Cattleya

In Cattleya orchids, the flower lip is rolled up into a tube

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