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Do you want to keep the garden in the winter and while it is icy cold outside, sitting in the warm and feel connected to the garden? Then a winter garden is just right for you. Here you can learn more about the conservatory, furniture for the conservatory, as well as structural and decorative aspects. Have fun in your conservatory. The winter garden is not just there for the winter. Also in the other 3 seasons you will find relaxation, but also work. The winter garden is also wonderful for the year for a coffee break in between. If you have a winter garden, you should definitely have palm trees.
In a palm landscape it is easy to relax. Holiday flair in your own four walls. Of course, this is only possible if you have a winter garden with suitable ventilation and also heating in order to use it all year round. In the winter garden, you can also winter potted plants, sometimes you can extend the flowering time by a few weeks, or over the winter.
Without plants, a winter garden would only be half as nice. Create atmosphere, choose a specific style for your conservatory and matching plants and furniture for the design. For a country house atmosphere provide, for example, book, fuchsias and hydrangeas. Rustic wooden furniture does that for you. Oleander, bougainvillea and laurel in terracotta tubs, as well as Mediterranean metal furniture or wicker chairs convey Mediterranean charm.
A winter garden, which is almost always in season, conveys a very pleasant atmosphere every day. The supposed luxury of a conservatory saves you even heating costs, if the concept is designed so that the use of free solar heat, the consumption of heating oil is significantly reduced. Also, the labor-intensive care measures for plants and the complex cleaning of the glass panes, which often cited arguments are against the winter garden, prove to be unfounded. Be inspired by our suggestions and enjoy the evenings in the conservatory in the future.

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