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There is a lot to do in July

In the conservatory - as well as in the garden - the work never goes out. This is also the case in summer, when the high season is on. Find out here what to do in the conservatory in July.
We would like to show you some of the work to be done in the winter garden in July:

  1. Thin shoots of tomatoes must be broken out to get big and tasty fruits. Because these shoots cost the plant only unnecessary power.
  2. Popular plants in the conservatory include the hibiscus, the mallow and the oleander. Anyone who now cuts ten centimeters long shoot tips as an offshoot and lets them root in pots will soon have bred many new flowers.
  3. Wilted flowers of ornamental plants should always be removed so that no seeds can form. Because the seed caps rob the plant power.
  4. The air in the conservatory should never be too dry. Dryness favors pests. So spray your plants with water in the morning.

Anyone paying attention to these little things in the conservatory and putting their hand to it will soon be successful with his plants.

Video Board: Vegetable Gardening Tasks for July in the Kitchen Garden.

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