Hardy and winter-proof flowers for the balcony

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A planter with silvery shimmering leafy beauties can shine in unusual luster when you arrange some lights for that.
The most beautiful winter colors
Erika (Erica gracillis)
The pot heather Erika flowers bright red until December. Unlike the real heather, this species is placed in normal potting soil. It needs a lot of water, before potting you should dip the root ball in water until it has soaked. You can leave the withered plants outside over the winter, covered with hoar frost, they look very beautiful.
Silver leaf (Senecio bicolor)
Silver leaf is available throughout the year, but the winter colors are particularly suitable. The silvery, furry leaves accentuate the colors of autumn blooms. In addition, this plant can be left in boxes and pots during the winter when it is not too cold.
Shrub Veronica (raise Andersonii hybrid)
In this pretty plant are more noticeable the white-colored leaves that remain on the bush all year round. The flowers are purple, white or red. The small shrub feels very well in boxes and tubs and suits all winter bloomers. He does not need much water and must not be fertilized in the fall. If the shrub veronica is to overwinter in a bright, cool room, it must not be frostbitten. So she has to go to the winter quarters first.
Pot myrtles (Pernettya mucronata)
Pot myrtles are now available to buy with thick purple berries. The small shrubs look very good as a winter decoration on the balcony, the berries remain hanging until after Christmas. Pot myrtles need a good winter protection outside, with straw mats, paper bags or similar.
In the second year, berries only form if you have a male and a female plant. Ask when buying.
Cabbage (Brassica oleracea)
Ornamental cabbage is again in fashion. It is sold in a pot, expensive, but you can also grow it yourself from seed or seedlings. Ornamental cabbage can have many colors: red and white, green and yellow, all colors together, and it always looks gorgeous. And the cooler it gets in the fall, the brighter the colors become. In the pot, ornamental cabbage is not quite as big as in the garden, but needs a lot of water and fertilizer. Frost at -10 degrees Celsius does not bother him. He can stay outside all winter. And if you suddenly get hungry for cabbage: you can eat it too.
Tip: The Christmas rose, a symbol of hope for centuries, blooms in the middle of winter when other flowers are sleeping. Such a wintry beauty harmonizes with the silvery white shoots of the silver wire (Calocephalus browni). Although this is not hardy, it remains decorative until the spring. On the other hand, the frost can not harm a thyme 'sachet'. It grows in summer in the herbal box or in the herbal box without problems. In late winter, the Christmas roses can be replaced by primroses. Snowdrops or hyacinths can be combined very well.
Evergreen in pot and box
On the balcony you can not do without evergreen. First, there are the many dwarf forms of conifers, which are very durable in pot and box and are also very interesting. They are the ideal winter plants, provided they are protected from frost. These dwarf conifers exist as small columns, as round shrubs, creeping or cascading, mixing the shapes to compose a true small landscape.
{mosimage} In spring, spring and summer flowers are planted between the small conifers, with which they harmonize very well. Only one thing is to be considered: conifers do not tolerate much fertilizer, so the planting in the summer must also get along with little food.
Ivy looks very romantic in the box and goes well with colorful summer flowers. There are not only green forms on the market, but also white or gold-plated forms, round and pointed leaves - one can if desired create a whole collection of ivy.
With the cotoneaster (Cotoneaster) bring color on the winter balcony, the red berries are hanging quite a long time. This evergreen plant can be placed well between the dwarf conifers.
Spindle shrub, Skimmie and Feuerdorn can be placed in large planters on balcony and terrace, also some bamboo species are suitable for keeping in the tub.
However, if you want to keep a green balcony in the fall and winter, you must not forget the casting on frosty days.

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