Hardy potted plants for the terrace - we stay outside!

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The wish for green terrace decoration in winter is fulfilled by hardy succulents like the house-wort as well as frost-hardy, cut-compatible evergreen like book, holly or ivy. Also, new, small-sized varieties of different coniferous and deciduous trees thrive very well in vessels.

Mini-trees in the pot

Winter hard dwarf pine in bucket

Winter-hard dwarf pines in the pot are a beautiful autumn and winter jewelry

Winter hardy mini trees are the number one bucket plants when it comes to durable patio decorations. Instead of flowers they offer individual growth forms, colored leaves such as the maples or Mediterranean flair like dwarf pines. On the terrace or at the entrance to the house, the trees set eye-catchers all year round and divide the room - whether they are combined with flowering seasonal plants or presented as individual pieces.

Not all varieties are suitable

Japanese maple in tub

The fan maple is one of the favorites among the trees

Decisive for success with trees in a pot or bucket: they must be short-lived. For example, the fiery red fan maple 'Shaina' reaches a maximum height of two meters as a 15-year-old plant. The dwarf pine 'Varella' grows naturally dense and spherical. With a diameter of 80 centimeters at the age of 15, she also retains her perfect pot figure. Stems can be planted elegantly, for example with hardy ivy or colorful house shreds.

Domestic potted plant colorful

Winter tip: House roots thrive on their own and always look perfect

Care of potted trees

When it comes to care, miniature trees make few demands. Allow the plants enough rooting space and plant the trees at the latest one year after purchase in a larger vessel. High-quality potting soil is well suited for this. The easiest way is to provide the mini-trees with renewal in the spring with slow release fertilizer. If necessary, you can easily cut them back. Even dwarf pines are kept small and compact, by shortening the young shoots end of May something.

Individual winter arrangements

Arrangement Sugarloaf Spruce Grape Heather Skimmie

Green and red is an unbeatable combination in winter

The winter-hardy "Draußenbleiber" in the bucket look particularly appealing if you are not alone, but are arranged in small groups. When playing with shapes and strong winter colors, everything is possible. In this example, sugarloaf spruce (Picea glauca 'Conica'), grape heather (Leucothoe) and Skimmie in front of an evergreen wall of ivy show that seating on the terrace can also be very inviting in the cold season.

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