Winter hardy plants put in the fall

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Heather is e.g. hardy

In the period between September and December you can already prepare the new garden season and hardy plants use. Even shrubs and trees can now be placed in the ground, provided that it has not yet frozen.

Ideal growth conditions

Now the soil still provides protection, so that the plants can form enough roots. The autumnal temperatures and high humidity are ideal growing conditions. Also, the frequent rainfall, the plant in the ground very well. The perennials and shrubs have thus gained enough strength to drive off vigorously in the spring.

The right soil is important

In advance, however, one should think carefully, where to use the respective plants. In loamy soils nearly all plants of this variety thrive. Nevertheless, one should adjust the conditions when planting in each case on the claims of the plant.

Sandy soils are generally unable to store water and nutrients well, although some plants do well here too. The soil should not be too dry when planting. Also note the lighting requirements of the plants.

Summer-green plants can also be planted around this time if they have already lost their leaves.

Video Board: Covering your Hardy Banana ( Musa basjoo) for the Winter.

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