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Do you always have to bring your potted plants indoors in winter? If you have hardy potted plants, you could leave them outside.

Potted winter hardy

Bring potted plants indoors
November is the month when all moving and non-hardy potted plants are brought indoors for the winter. The plants then spend the months in the dark cellar or in the winter garden, until it goes outside again. However, you can easily avoid this work if you get potted plants that do not mind cold temperatures. You can confidently stay outdoors in winter and decorate your patio and garden. Here we would like to introduce you to five plants that are particularly well suited to stay out in winter.

Hardy potted plants

  1. Korean Fir: It is small, has a round crown and is very dense. If you prefer longer needles, you can also get the dwarf pine. The trees remain green all year round.
  2. Houseleeks: They are not only indestructible in the open bed, they also look good in pots. Especially beautiful are different colored plants.
  3. Japanese maple: In the autumn in beautiful red tones, it survives the winter in the pot perfectly and floats in the spring again.
  4. Holly: It convinces with yellow-green leaves that are evergreen. In autumn holly gets red berries.
  5. Sugarloaf spruce: The shape is similar to the sugarloaf, hence the name. The spruce remains small and compact.

Do not forget to protect all pots from frost in winter.

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