Hardy woody plants for container planting

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Hardy woody plants offer a whole range of advantages: In contrast to the exotic potted plants such as oleander or angel trumpet, they do not need a frost-free wintering place. Once potted, a winter-hardy wood pleases every year with its flowers, the beautiful growth or even a bright autumn color. The selection of woody plants is great, but generally you should give preference to low growing varieties. The range of tubs is also varied: flat or high? Terracotta or plastic? Not only the appearance, but also the weight plays a role: the larger the plant volume, the more the earth weighs, but also the vessel itself.

Hydrangeas in a planter

Hydrangeas are flat-rooters. They can therefore be placed well in a planter

The pot diameter can be based on the wood crown. In any case, the new bucket should be slightly larger than the root ball. To determine if repotting is necessary, remove the plant from its jar. If more roots than soil are visible, the wood may be in a larger bucket. When the maximum pot size is reached, you can replace part of the earth instead.

Water hardy trees in the bucket regularly

Since winter hardy trees in the tub can not pull water out of the ground, they are dependent on regular watering. In midsummer you must therefore reach for the garden hose every day. But it must not be too damp: In longer periods of rain, it is better to put the pots on small feet. So the excess water can drain well. Also in the bucket itself, the drainage is important. If you mix in the lower pot area expanded clay or small potsherds, then regulate the water balance and ensure a good permeability. A planting makes a lot, takes the woodland but also root space, nutrients and water. The more it greens and flowers in the pot, the more you need to water and fertilize.

Witch hazel in the bucket

The witch hazel inspires at the beginning of the year with its yellow flowers and autumn with colorful foliage. Here it shows, planted with kitchen herbs, in a clay pot

Hardy woody plants with ornamental foliage

With their leaves, they make up for what they lack in floral decoration. Sometimes they are pied yellow like the pagoda dogwood 'Variegata', sometimes they fascinate the beholder with almost black leaves, like the hanging blood beech or the magically shimmering varieties of fan maple.

Slit maple in bucket

Even a stately tree can stand in the pot on the terrace. However, this red slot maple needs a large planter. Maples do not like waterlogging, so the pot should have good drainage

Easy care and chic

Little work - a lot of enjoyment: If you want to make your terrace beautiful and at the same time easy to care for, it is absolutely the right thing to do with winter hardy trees - especially if you plant the trees in water storage tanks! That facilitates the main work in the pot garden: the pouring. If, instead of liquid fertilizers at the start of the season, slow-release fertilizers for pot plants and potted plants are planted in the soil, the care work is reduced to a minimum.

Winter protection for trees in the bucket

Winter protection by bubble wrap

In order for the trees to survive the winter unscathed, you must protect their root ball from freezing. It is best to put them on the wall of the house and wrap the vessels in insulating winter protection material

Woods in the pot need special protection against frost. You can wrap the planters in bubble wrap, for example. In addition, you should put the pots on a Styrofoam plate. For evergreen plants such as boxwood or cherry laurel, cover the leaves with fleece to stop evaporation as long as the ground is frozen.

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