Winter jasmine - cultivation and care

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Winter jasmine conjures up a hint of spring in the garden with its yellow flowers in winter. Where to plant the winter jasmine and how to care for it, read here.

Winter jasmine has yellow flowers

Yellow flowers

If nothing blooms in the garden for a long time, the winter jasmine - flowering time from about December (in a milder climate) to the beginning of April - pleases its owners with a yellow flower splendor. He should not be confused with the spring blooming forsythia.

Flowering house planting

The easy-care climbing plant is ideally suited for a flowering house planting during the cold season. Winter jasmine is ideal for house walls, archways, wicker fences and more. It is extremely popular as a wintery perennial plant everywhere.

And even in the period from April to October, the glossy green, lusciously growing foliage of winter jasmine looks extremely elegant. Also, the winter jasmine forms during this time black berries, but optically less prominent.


Site selection:
Winter Jasmine needs a nutrient-rich soil that should not store water (such as loamy soil) so the frost really does not harm it. In addition, a sunny to partially shaded, well-protected location should be selected to achieve a truly rich blooms in winter woods.

Tip: Cut branches just before flowering and bring them to the living room. Combined with a little fir green, this results in a pretty vase bouquet.


"Climbing aids:
In principle, the winter jasmine should be provided sufficient climbing aids, around which he can meander, or sometimes tied to it. In this way it easily reaches a height of up to 5 meters.

"Pruning in spring:
Through a regular pruning in the spring (after the frosty days), its branching is sustainably promoted and the non-fragrant winter jasmine is brought into the desired shape.

Furthermore, should be added during this time the soil and some lime and compost, which gets the winter jasmine absolutely good.

Video Board: Growing Winter Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum).

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