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The winter jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) is one of the few ornamental shrubs that bloom in winter. He stands as a so-called Spreizklimmer close to the climbing plants, because his long, thin annual shoots often push themselves up on low walls or fences and hang down on the other side cascading down.

However, to plant a long wall, you need several plants - so it is a good thing that the propagation of the jasmine is so easy that even garden beginners have no problems with it. The simplest and fastest method of obtaining fewer vigorous plants is multiplication by offshoots. This method is possible in principle all year round, but optimal periods are the late winter and the early spring.

Choose shoot

First, choose to lay down a long one to two year old shoot. The stronger this one is, the bigger the new plant, which later emerges from it. Then underneath this shoot with a hand shovel, lift a wide, flat hollow with a maximum depth of 15 centimeters.

Multiply jasmine

The trough should be at most 15 centimeters teif


Cut in jasmine bark

When deciding, make sure not to cut into the wood

The bark of the drive section, which later lies approximately in the middle of the trough, is cut on the underside with a sharp knife to about two centimeters in length. Make sure that you do not cut into the wood as much as possible. This so-called wound cut promotes rooting: The exposed divisible tissue under the bark (cambium) initially forms so-called wound tissue (callus). From this grow then in the second step, the new roots.

Cast off

Place the shoot in the hollow and fix it with one or two metal hooks if necessary (eg tent hook). This is especially recommended for older branches, as they are less elastic. Then close the trough with loose compost soil, which you carefully cuddle and then water well.
The further care: You can leave the plant to yourself after taking it off. But make sure that the earth does not dry out too much, because that inhibits rooting. In autumn, the offshoot has so many of its own roots that it can be excavated and transplanted. The connection to the mother plant is simply cut through with a deliberate groundbreaking ceremony.

Burying Jasmine offshoot

Important after digging is good casting

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