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The magnificent candle (Gaura lindheimeri) enjoys increasing popularity among amateur gardeners. Especially in the course of the prairie garden trend, more and more gardening enthusiasts are becoming aware of the evergreen perennial, but it is also ideal for planters on the balcony and terrace, as it can handle short-term dryness very well. Anyone who has planted the perennial in the bed should give it some winter protection, at least in rougher locations. Like many plants, which have their natural distribution area on dry steppe soils in the continental climate, it is also important for the magnificent candle that the soil does not over-wet in winter.

Peaty pot bales are problematic

If the magnificent candle does not survive the winter, this is often due to the humus-rich soil in which the nurseries cultivate the plants. The peat sucks in the winter with water fully and therefore does not have the cold-insulating effect of a loose, airy sandy soil. If you have bought a new magnificent candle, so you should not just put it with the pot ball in the bed, but the unsuitable humus as thoroughly as possible from the root ball liberate. If you shorten the roots a bit and place the magnificent candle in an airy, mineral soil, chances are that even with an autumn planting, it will not be bad for you to survive the cold season with the winter protection presented here. Alternatively, you can dare this experiment in early spring, as soon as stronger frosts are no longer expected.

How to protect glittering candles from frost

Cut off the magnificent candle

First cut off the withered shoots

Cut out the decayed a few centimeters above the ground. In November, the seeds of the plant are already mature. This is important, because the magnificent candle is a short-lived perennial, which may increase with some luck by self-sowing.

Cover with foliage

The perennial is covered with autumn leaves

Fall foliage serves as a protective blanket. Put so many leaves on the magnificent candle that it is about 10 to 15 inches high. The air between the leaves has an insulating effect and protects the shoots and the sensitive roots from the cold.

Cover with fir-spruce foliage

A spruce of pine spruce prevents the foliage from blowing away

With fir green or other branches, the foliage is covered. This keeps the leaves in place and the magnificent candle is well protected against balding frosts. In order for the soil to warm up quickly in the spring, remove branches and foliage from the bed again by the beginning of March at the latest.

Perennials that also need protection

A coat of leaves is generally good for perennials in winter. Falling autumn leaves, which the wind carries in the beds, you can leave there. In addition, you should protect plants that are similar sensitive as the magnificent candle, as shown here with branches over the foliage: These include, for example, Verbena bonariensis, Torchella (Kniphofia) and beard thread (Penstemon).

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