Harvesting winter vegetables - Which vegetables are hardy?

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Not every vegetable needs to be harvested before the first frost. There are some types of vegetables that tolerate frost easily. If you want to harvest your winter vegetables, you should pay a lot of attention.

Winter vegetables harvest kale

Not every variety is hardy
The kale certainly comes to mind here first. It is very robust and tastes even better when harvested during a frosty season. The reason: The vegetables store sugar. But kale is not the only vegetable that can provide vitamins in winter. Brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage, leeks and parsnips, but also salsify do not mind frost.

The soil should not freeze
However, you should inform yourself before, because not every variety is hardy. Even if these vegetables are frost-resistant, the soil should not be allowed to freeze. That can not happen if you put a layer of mulch on the ground. This should be at least 10 inches thick. This protects the soil and the plants.

And another tip:
Those who still have a layer of mature compost on the mulch can look forward to healthy plants and tasty vegetables. Winter hardy vegetables also have the advantage that the garden is not exposed during the winter.

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