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Wintering of Palm Trees - Wintering of Palm Trees: palm

Some pure room palms such as the Cocos or Madagascar palm trees are best kept in their usual place, provided they have enough light. A heated room does not bother them; However, they should not necessarily be directly on the heater.

Fan and Yucca palm trees

Most other species in the apartment (especially if it is still heated) to fight with too dry air. Thus, for example, the otherwise robust fan palm Washingtonia goes in at low humidity quickly. For them and most of the other summer-spending palm trees in tubs, a cellar or conservatory is the best way to hibernate, as long as it has plenty of light. Otherwise, there are fluorescent tubes with a timer, which should give additional white light 12 hours a day. The popular yucca palms can be kept as pure room palms, but also like to spend a lot of time on the terrace or balcony. They should then be wintered at 5-10 degrees Celsius in a cool room.

Wintering of palm trees

Basically, you should leave the palms that spend the summer outdoors as long as possible outside. Washingtonia, Trachy, Hemp Palm and Coniferous Palm are grateful for insulating the bucket with bubble wrap and can stand confidently up to -10 degrees Celsius outdoors. However, less the temperature, but rather the duration of the cold period is crucial. If it is no longer warm enough during the day that the root ball can heat up and thus prepare for the cold night, or if the cold lasts for several days, the palms should be brought in. The date palm, which is available in many variations and very popular, hibernates best as well as its comrades, but does not tolerate minus degrees well and should therefore be brought early.
It should only be poured sparingly. Otherwise the water displaces too much insulating air at the root ball. If the palms have been standing in the cold for some time, they should not be taken into the heated apartment. They would not tolerate the temperature shock. On the other hand, if you place them in the cellar or conservatory, where they are frost-free and cool, you can put them out even at longer warm periods at the beginning of the winter. Or you can leave them at their winter place until spring.

Palm trees: care in winter

(see also: hardy palms)
Palms are fertilized in winter time as little as most other plants. Also, the watering should be significantly reduced. Once a week, some water is enough. Most palms love a higher humidity and are therefore grateful, they are sprayed regularly with lukewarm lime-poor water.
So if you want to put your palm trees out in the summer, do not turn them into room palms in winter. Either... or. The freedivers need a cool bright winter quarters. Palm trees, however, that spend the whole year in the apartment, can stay there for the winter.

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