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When the gardening season comes to an end, the gardener wants to rest and turn his attention to other things than the garden. But most of his work is not done yet, there are many plants that make some demands on hibernation. Especially the plant friends, who appreciate foreign guests, have a lot to do:
There are plants that can hibernate with us without special treatment, because they are at home in a similar climate as we have. However, all plants that originate from the tropics or subtropics or from Mediterranean areas, do not get along well with winter with us. These plants always need your help in winter because they place special demands on temperature, light requirements and humidity.
Therefore, before you consider how to overwinter these plants, you would need to explore the needs of each of these plants. Then you can start to look for the suitable wintering quarters, usually there are more options available around your house and garden than you immediately realize:
If you have a greenhouse, you can usually easily meet the needs of these plants. A greenhouse can be made frost-proof, is bright enough, can be ventilated and can even be heated in an emergency.
Not a few plants can overwinter in the cellar, at least if you do not (fully) heat your cellar. If the temperature in your cellar does not rise above 10 degrees Celsius and does not drop below 2 degrees Celsius, all plants that take a winter break can hibernate here. They come in winter without light, they must be housed only frost-proof. These include a variety of plant guests, who discard their leaves (eg Brugmansia, Solanum) and some flower species (eg fuchsias, petunias) who enjoy a break after the summer season.
Unfortunately, if your basement is being heated up or is heating itself up because the heating is here, it is not suitable for hibernating any plant in it. Because all plants that can hibernate in the warm, continue to grow in the winter - and so they also need light, all the light, the winter with us ever have to offer.
Other places that could make a suitable winter home for the exotic are the conservatory, the staircase and the garage, with a little thought and information you will surely find a good place for all foreign guests. If there is absolutely nothing to find: There are service providers who help to overwinter plants.
If you are a gardener who likes to surround yourself with native plants, it will be easier to hibernate. These plants are adapted to our conditions and need almost no help in wintering. Only potted plants that have spent the summer on the balcony or terrace should be prepared for the winter and not just forgotten about the cold season, then they could not experience next spring.
And above all you should think of one thing: Almost all plants occasionally need a little water even in winter!

Wintering of plants, flowers: plants

Balcony flowers & balcony plants overwinter properly

Here are a few tips to have a great summer flower blessing and get the flowers over the winter. Of course, balcony flowers and balcony plants must be properly maintained. Only now and then water and here and there a little fertilizer is not enough.

Wintering of plants, flowers: overwinter

Is tree fern hardy and winter hardy - how overwinter?

The tree fern is a popular plant that is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. There are many different subtypes of the tree fern, which differ not only in appearance, but also in their properties.

Wintering of plants, flowers: overwinter

Flower bulbs & flower tubers overwinter

Many hobby gardeners, who call a flowerbed in their garden or just on the balcony their own, set out to buy every year again flower bulbs and flower tubers at the gardener or in the garden retailers to use them in the ground. Learn everything about care in winter.

Wintering of plants, flowers: plants

Is Erdbeerbaum hardy and winterproof - how to spend the winter? maintenance

Because in general it is said even in professional circles that the strawberry tree in this country to the most beautiful potted plants ever heard. The special is also that it is the strawberry tree (lat. Arbutus unedo) is an easy-care, evergreen plant that can tolerate outdoor temperatures of up to -10° C or 15° C.

Wintering of plants, flowers: overwinter

Frost damage to cherry laurel and potted plants

The last winters were hard and long across Germany. Even in otherwise mild conditions, there was a lot of frost damage. Especially the popular cherry laurel has gotten something in many places.

Wintering of plants, flowers: flowers

Geraniums overwinter - the basics

Geraniums, properly called pelargonium, are perennial but not hardy plants. Unfortunately, they are often disposed of after a gardening season. But if you overwinter them, you can save the new purchase in the spring.

Wintering of plants, flowers: overwinter

Is cherry laurel hardy and winter proof - how overwinter?

The cherry laurel has become indispensable in the home gardens. There is hardly a gardener who does not bring the cherry laurel in one of his many variations into the house. Learn everything for the winter.

Wintering of plants, flowers: plants

Overcast potted plants outside - overwintering

On terraces and balconies beautifully planted and richly flowering potted plants are very popular. In gardens, they loosen groups of seats or close planting gaps in beds. In autumn, the popular potted plants are returned to the basement or conservatory before the first frosts.

Wintering of plants, flowers: wintering

Winterize the palms

Until a few years ago, Mediterranean trees in this country were almost unthinkable. Due to the climatic changes in our latitudes, which are characterized by higher average temperatures, the increasing tendency for heavy rains and longer periods of drought, palm trees in Germany are finding more and more lovers. Learn everything for the winter.

Wintering of plants, flowers: flowers

Strelizie really overwinter

Strelizia is also called a bird of paradise flower because of its beautiful flower. This is because the flower is reminiscent of a bird's head. Learn everything about wintering.

Wintering of plants, flowers: overwinter

Are pond plants hardy and winterproof - how overwinter?

Hardly a garden pond is not graced by pond plants and these eye-catching not only take on a beautification work, but actively contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of the water quality of the pond.

Wintering of plants, flowers: flowers

Hardy and winterproof potted plants

Wherever no soil is available for planting, potted plants can bring a piece of nature onto the patio or balcony.

Wintering of plants, flowers: plants

Hardy and winter-proof plants - care in winter

Our native plants are perfectly prepared for our winter conditions. The situation is different with plants whose home is in warmer or simply different climates. It is three things that cause the plants of far away lands in winter.

Wintering of plants, flowers: flowers

Passiflora caerulea: is the passionflower hardy?

The Passiflora caerulea is a conditionally hardy plant and therefore dependent on the appropriate site conditions. This can thrive outside only in mild regions year-round, in colder areas, the Blue Passion Flower is dependent on additional winter protection.

Wintering of plants, flowers: wintering

Are cypresses hardy and winter-proof - how overwinter?

Anyone who likes to spend their holidays in Tuscany can not help admiring the sometimes huge cypress forests. For cypresses, such as the well-known Trauz cypress, are native to these regions.

Wintering of plants, flowers: winter

Broom correctly overwinter - winter hardy broom

Among the plants with added value is the broom, which feeds some butterfly caterpillars. Depending on whether you want to put the broom on the balcony or plant in the garden, then you need a real winter hardy broom or acquire a container plant, then the broom must be properly wintered. Because there are some broom:

Wintering of plants, flowers: overwinter

Is lavender hardy? Cold resistant varieties and winter care

In a sea of ​​fragrant, delicately lilac flowers every hobby gardener seems to bathe, who inspects his lavender bed during the summer. But when the ornamental plant has withered and the cold season approaches, one should think about successful wintering; but is lavender ever hardy?

Wintering of plants, flowers: plants

Is the hemp palm hardy? So hibernate Trachycarpus properly

The hemp palm Trachycarpus is in this country one of the winter hardest palm trees, which can also hibernate in the garden without any problems. Depending on the sub-variety, it can withstand temperatures of up to minus 17 degrees. Without protection, especially in the wet, it does not work.

Wintering of plants, flowers: overwinter

Basil overwinter, care in winter

Among the popular culinary herbs is the basil. In the salad, as a pesto or other foods, the herbs from the garden are indispensable. The wonderfully spicy taste simply belongs in a healthy kitchen. Learn everything about care in winter.

Wintering of plants, flowers: wintering

Hibiscus hibernate - so he survives the winter - 7 tips

Hibiscus is easier to hibernate than its lavish flowers and exotic origin suggest. The exact species affiliation determines the right measures. These 7 tips illustrate how to direct the floral trinket as a hardy garden shrub, frost-sensitive room plant or sturdy perennial through the cold season.

Wintering of plants, flowers: wintering

Banana plant overwinter - 11 care tips for the banana in winter

Despite their similar appearance, one can not speak of the banana plant in general. There are many different types of banana trees that come from different climatic regions of the world. And these have different demands on their wintering. In this article you will get valuable tips for the care of the banana in the winter.

Wintering of plants, flowers: flowers

Yucca Palm Tree - Palm Hibernate - is it Winterproof?

The Yucca palm, also called Palmlilie, is a houseplant that is very popular in Germany and can reach impressive proportions. There are about 30 different species, all of which are very easy to care for and therefore suitable for beginners. Nevertheless, provision must be made for hibernation, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Wintering of plants, flowers: plants

Bury boxwood in tub / pot - what to look for

Boxwoods are decorative, but not very cold-resistant. In the article you will learn how to bring particularly delicate bucket box trees with the right winter protection and proper care well over the winter.

Is Calla / Zantedeschia hardy? Information about the winter in the pot

Calla - Zantedeschia

The genus of elegant Zantedeschia keeps flowering species wide for each season. Evergreen Zimmerkalla delight us with wintry flowering on the windowsill. In summer, garden calla trump with colorful calyx flowers. This floral diversity raises the question of winter hardiness. Read here a sound answer with all information about the winter.

Is rosemary hardy? So overwinter it in the pot / on the balcony


When, during the warm season, the imposing rosemary bush exudes its typical spicy scent, it feels like a mini-holiday on the Mediterranean. In order to be able to enjoy the special flair and the characteristic taste of the popular spice in the following year, however, a successful wintering is necessary - which succeeds easily with corresponding protective measures.

Is the fig tree hardy? List of winter-proof varieties

fig tree

Enjoying fresh figs from our own vineyard is also possible north of the Alps. Whether a fig tree is winter-proof depends on various factors, such as regional conditions and variety quality. This guidebook highlights in detail under what premises you can plant a Ficus carica and provides sound recommendations for hardy varieties.

Is Oleander hardy? So bring it well through the cold


Does the winter hardiness of your azalea in the pot cause you a headache? Then the answer depends crucially on whether it is a room azalea or a garden azalea. This guide explains in no uncertain terms how to identify the differences and take the right steps to successfully overwinter.

Is Clematis hardy / perennial? Instructions for wintering

Clematis - clematis

For a short visit in the garden and on the balcony, the majestic Clematis is not laid out. Although all woodpecker species thrive perennially, they are not invariably hardy. In order to answer the question well, a differentiated approach is needed. This guide explains in detail how to properly hibernate the magnificent climbing plant.

Winter hydrangeas - care during the winter in the pot

Hydrangea pink

Hydrangeas of the new generation for balconies and terraces thrive in a similar way to shrubs, making them susceptible to frosty temperatures. The larger the flowers and the more daring the play of colors, the lower the winter hardiness. This manual explains in practice how to successfully overwinter and properly care for the flowering shrubs in the pot.

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