Propagating Witch Hazel - Introduced the 3 best methods

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A witch hazel can not be multiplied by grafting. It is also easier. How, our three presented possibilities show.

Pull witch hazel from seeds

The witch hazel is one of the few plants that bloom in winter. As early as January, when the temperatures are quite mild, the bushes show their bright yellow to red flowers and then bloom into July. Especially in winter, the plant is a real highlight, because otherwise there is a lack of color in the open nature around the time so rather.

The witch hazel is an undemanding plant. Those who want to multiply, however, need a long breath. It only grows very slowly. Otherwise, it is relatively easy to pull a new witch hazel seedlings.

There are several ways to grow a witch hazel bush. Nurseries and garden centers increase witch hazel (witch hazel) mostly by so-called grafting. However, this requires a lot of expertise. If you want to breed offshoots as a hobby gardener, you can propagate witch hazel shrubs through seeds, cuttings or droppings. How the individual methods work, we would like to explain in more detail here.

Increase witch hazel - That's how it works

Pull witch hazel from seeds

The witch hazel carries in the fall capsule fruits in which seeds are. Harvest the seeds before the capsules pop up and the seeds are lost. However, before the seeds start to germinate, they need a special cold treatment.

The procedure is time-consuming: The seeds have to spend the whole winter in a moist substrate at temperatures between 2 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius. In summer, the pot is in a shady place, the substrate must not dry out.

In the second winter, the pot must freeze with its contents, but you can also keep it in the freezer compartment of your fridge. Only then does the actual germination phase begin. This procedure is called stratification. So whoever is patient will be rewarded with young witch hazel seedlings in the second summer.

Increase witch hazel over cuttings

Increase witch hazel through cuttings

Faster and safer is when you cut cuttings. You can do that in February or in late summer. If you cut cuttings in February, the mother plant needs lots of light and warm temperatures to eradicate prematurely.

For the rooting a warm and humid environment is necessary, ideal is a heated greenhouse. The conversion into the open air should only take place if the rooted plant is strong enough.

Increase witch hazel by lowering

Here is the greatest success: In a healthy and strong mother plant, you can use long shoots as a sinker.

The shoots must be well bendable. Free the single shoot in the middle of the foliage and bend it down to earth. Then dig the shoot in the middle about 10 to 20 inches deep. The shoot tip must protrude from the ground. To keep the sinker in place, secure it with a branch fork or a herring.

Scratch the part of the shoot that is in the ground before. This facilitates rooting. Patience is also necessary with this procedure! The soil should be kept slightly moist. When sufficient roots have formed, you can separate the sanker from the mother plant and plant separately.

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