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At the sight of an imposing rose garden - in nature or in the photo - many hobby gardeners ask themselves the question: "Will my garden ever look so beautiful?" "Of course!", We answer, because with the right tricks any garden can be used, no matter how great he is, transforming into a blooming kingdom of roses. This is how rosettes can be designed and created.

Essentially, you can apply rose beds everywhere in the garden - provided the desired place gets at least five hours of sun a day. There are so many different growth forms that the right variety is found for every use. Precious and bed roses with romantically filled, fragrant flowers you can sit well in the vicinity of the terrace. Because here you always have your rosary in view and the smell of roses in your nose. Do not put the roses too close to the wall of the house, because congestion heat attracts pests. Also pay attention to sufficient planting distance. Depending on the strength of growth, a distance of 40 to 60 centimeters is recommended.

Climbing and rambler roses

Climbing Rose 'Bobby James'

Climbing rose flame dance

'Bobby James' (left) is about 150 centimeters wide and reaches a height of between three and five meters as a climbing rose. 'Flammentanz' (right) bears from the second year beautiful, bright red flowers

Who wants to decorate his garden with climbing roses, has a rich selection available. Strong-growth Ramblers like 'Bobby James' or 'Rambling Rector' need a lot of space and are the perfect choice for larger gardens. For use on a smaller scale, tamer Ramblers such as 'Perennial Blue' or 'Cherry Rose', which only climb about three meters high, are recommended. These robust, often flowering varieties are easy to put on pergolas, pitch-pavilions, arbors, rosebows or obelisks.

A rose paradise in the partially shaded front yard

Rose paradise in the partially shaded front yard

With roses, which allow a few hours of sun a day, a half-shady front yard becomes a gem

The robust small shrub rose 'apple blossom' (1) grows on the fence ropes and thus delimits the front yard to the street. In addition to the rich flowering roses 'Heidetraum' (2)'Fortuna' (3)'Ice Meidiland' (4) and 'Sweet Haze' (5) In the bed, shade-tolerant perennials such as astilbe and thimbles romp about. Plant the roses in groups of 3 or 5. In a small area, the respective flower color is so much better. To the left of the entrance path meanders a narrow bark mulch path, which is lined by sedges (Carex morrowii 'Variegata'). It ends at a blue bench next to the pink flowering shrub rose 'Felicitas' (6) stands. At the other corner of the house the red flowering mandarin rose (Rosa moyesii) 'Geranium' shines (7), Under the windows conjures the dark pink flowering strain 'Smart Road runner' (8) Color in front of the house wall. The highlight is the Ramblerrose 'Ghislaine de FĂ©ligonde' (9) in the entrance area. Boxwood balls and two yew trees give the garden structure even in winter.

Rosary beds with Edelrosen

If you have plenty of space in the garden, you can plant large groups of fragrant English or Old Roses in the bed of roses. A few gnarled fruit trees and some shrubs of white flowering scented jasmine (Philadelphus) fit. An alternative for smaller beds: Choose from just one shrub rose or three to five precious or bed roses that bloom in delicate colors. Put the roses sky blue larkspur, white gypsophila or some pink star-umbels to the side.

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