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Fruit juices with a relatively thin shell, like all types of soft fruit, are particularly suitable for juicing with a steam juicer, because in this technique the fruits are not peeled before juicing.
The construction of the steam generator
The steam extractor consists of three pots and a lid. Later, the water is poured into the lower pot, the middle one serves as a receptacle for the juice, and the fruits are in the upper part. The lower and the middle part have in their interior a funnel, which tapers towards the top. Through this funnel the water vapor is led to the fruits. There he bursts the cells of the fruit so that the juice can escape.
In order for the juice, which collects in the middle part of the juicer, to be easily removed, it has an outlet opening or a short tube through which the juice can be drained. In the past, steam extractors were mostly made of enamel, but nowadays materials such as stainless steel or aluminum are more commonly used. Most of these devices are used on a stove. However, some models have their own heating element and draw the necessary power from the outlet.

  1. For juicing fruits, the lower pot is first filled with plenty of water and placed the middle part for the juice on top.
  2. This is followed by the top pot with the basket. The fruits are placed in this basket. These need not be peeled or gutted and the stems may remain on the fruits.
  3. Only washed should they be natural and with larger fruit such as pears or apples, it makes sense to cut them into pieces so that the juice can escape more easily.
  4. Finally, the lid is placed and the steam juicer placed on the stove and heated.
  5. When the water begins to boil, it rises in the form of water vapor up to the fruits.
  6. They burst through the heat, so that the juice runs out of the shells and flows into the collecting container.
  7. All coarser components of the fruit such as the shell, stems and seeds, however, remain in the fine mesh basket and can be disposed of later.
  8. Depending on the type of fruit and amount, juicing in a steam extractor takes up to four hours.

The further processing of the juice
Juice obtained by the steaming technique is relatively durable, because it is sterilized by the high temperature of the steam. It can be bottled and is best kept in a cool and dark room. This juice can also be processed very well to jelly or liqueur. Likewise, different fruit juices can be mixed according to taste. If you like it sweet, you can mix the juice with sugar. Then the juice should, however, be boiled briefly so that the sugar dissolves.
Jelly from fruit juice
  • For a jelly of fruit juice, mix three-quarters of a liter of juice with gelling sugar. Either take one kilo of gelling sugar with the ratio 1: 1 or 500 grams of gelling sugar with the ratio 1: 2.
  • This mixture is brought to a boil, it should boil bubbly for a few minutes and can then be filled into jam jars.
  • It is important to clean the glasses carefully and to rinse them as hot as possible shortly before filling, so that they do not burst because of the hot jelly.
  • After filling with jelly, the jars are turned upside down for a few minutes to allow the air to escape. This increases the shelf life of the jelly.
  • Afterwards they can be turned over again and stored in the cellar.

Video Board: How to Make Juice and Jelly by Steam Juicing.

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