Shape the garden with stone

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There are many design possibilities with stone: we show you what you can do with this versatile material in your garden.

Shape the garden with stone: shape

Robust multi-talent
Concrete blocks are versatile - even for walls or stairs. With their lively surface, the bricks make nature seem deceptively real: surfaces and edges have been broken (Vermont, Kann).

Shape the garden with stone: stone

Living picture
Vineyard walls were the inspiration for this dry wall of embossed concrete blocks. Consciously, gaps were left to create habitat for upholstery plants such as weed, gooseberry or stonecrop.

Shape the garden with stone: garden

Keep your composure
Clear contours get the way through a border of paving stones. To keep it in shape, place the curbs in lean concrete.
Tip: Plan a groundbreaking slope from the house so that rainwater runs off (old town pavement, Rinn).

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