Wolf-Dieter Storl at Planet Wissen - Interview with a self-sufficient person

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Being self-sufficient was never as present as in the current time. Many people simply do not want to take the supplements in today's food. Also, organic is no longer necessarily organic. No wonder that more and more think about self-sufficiency.

The most famous self-sufficient and ethnobotanist is probably Wolf-Dieter Storl. For more than 25 years he lives with his family in the Allgäu on a Einsiedlerhof and provides himself.

In the program "Planet Wissen" from 16.04.2015 Wolf-Dieter Storl is a guest and gives a little insight into his life in the countryside and how he manages to take care of himself. He also gives tips on gardening.

"A very interesting video piece, which is quite long, but very informative. It's definitely worth it.

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