Wollemie: primeval tree as a container plant

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Discovered just 20 years ago, but already 90 million years old - the Wollemia nobilis existed at a time when dinosaurs dominated the world. Now there is the wool chemistry under the name "Wollemi Pine" as a container plant for the terrace.

Wollemie: primeval tree as a container plant: wollemie

The ancient conifer was discovered by Australian bushwalker and park ranger David Noble in a remote gorge in Wollemi National Park, Australia. Thanks to the sheltered location with a balanced climate, he was able to survive the last 17 ice ages unscathed.

Relic from the prehistoric times

Woolemie Dino

Wool chemistry was around 90 million years ago, including Dino's

Since David Noble did not know the plant, he cut off a branch and brought it to a friendly botanist. He believed he could not believe his eyes - the tree from the family of araucaria plants was considered extinct to date and was only known from fossil finds. The sensation was perfect: it was like finding a living dinosaur. In the gorge, only a total of 100 trees grew, so that the Wollemia was added to the list of acutely threatened species. To this day, the locations of the individual copies are kept secret.

Protection and conservation

Wolemie buds

In honor of its discoverer David Noble, the plant was christened "Wollemia nobilis"

To preserve the species, both seeds were collected and cuttings were cut. At the auction of the first 300 bred specimens in 2005, a whopping $ 1.5 million was collected. Almost all specimens went to various botanical gardens around the globe. In Germany, Wollemie can be admired in Wilhelma in Stuttgart, in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt and in the botanical garden in Berlin. Much of the auction proceeds benefited species conservation. Now, various nurseries offer the plant for hobby gardeners. Pleasing: Again, part of the sales price goes into environmental protection.

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