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During a family visit to Northern Germany last weekend, I discovered some magnificent beautiful mallow (Abutilon), which stood in large planters in front of the greenhouses of a nursery - with healthy foliage and despite autumnal weather still in full bloom!

The popular potted plants also lavishly adorn terraces. The ideal place is one that protects you from the intense midday sun, because beautiful sunflowers are not dependent on blazing sun. On the contrary, they consume a lot of water and make you feel weak. Sometimes their maple-like green leaves can even burn down. Even without direct sun, they open their pretty flowers throughout the warm season.

Blossom of the beautiful mallow Abuliton

The luminous calyx of the Schmalmalven (Abutilon) sprout without ceasing, if the earth always remains moist. Dryness on the other hand stops the pile and leads to yellow leaves

Beautiful mallow leaves with its soft foliage and the large calyx, which light up in orange, pink, red or yellow depending on the variety, a rather sensitive impression, but are surprisingly robust.

Two-colored Sch├Ânmalve

Beautiful mallow with variegated foliage

Two-colored Sch├Ânmalve (left). A special feature are varieties with variegated foliage (right)

For more variety, you can put two different colored varieties in a bucket, for example, as here in yellow and orange. A special variety are varieties with yellow-green patterned foliage. This is usually triggered by a virus that affects leaf coloration but otherwise does no harm. If you propagate the affected plant on cuttings, the beautiful leaf color is passed.

Sch├Ânmalve Abutilon seedling

Now at the end of the season, some Schmalmalven have set dark fruit capsules

Beautiful malts overwinter

As you can see from the planted copy in the garden bed before the nursery, Sch├Ânmalven flower untiringly until autumn. However, you should get them in time before the first night frosts (which may be depending on the region in October) in the house. A bright, cool room is ideal as a wintering quarter. For space reasons, you should cut them back a little before. Occasionally you pour them at their new location and collect fallen leaves. In addition, one must pay attention to scale lice and white flies, which like to spread during the wintering on the plant.

Ms. Ed. Beate Leufen-Bohlsen

Ms. Ed. Beate Leufen-Bohlsen

Before they are allowed to move slowly to the terrace in the spring (beginning of April) - in any case to a place protected from sun and wind -, the shoots are cut back vigorously to form new compact shoots. If necessary, then a new, larger pot is in, in which one sets the plant with fresh, fertilized potting soil. During the season you should regularly supply the flower stars with liquid fertilizer.
Incidentally, you can easily reproduce Sch├Ânmalven from the spring: Simply cut a cut with two to three leaves and place in a glass of water. After just one to two weeks, the first roots are formed.

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