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The miracle flower is probably one of the most fascinating and, above all, most beautiful plants in Germany's gardens. The exact origin of the plant is unknown, but it comes from the subtropical climate and is closely related to the Bougainvilleas.
One of the peculiarities of miracle flowers is that they can carry different colored and often multicolored flowers at the same time. These flowers are relatively large and smell very well of citrus. Although the flowers only have a lifespan of one day, but the plant forms numerous. The miracle flower grows mostly in gardens, but can be cultivated with a little skill also as a houseplant. Otherwise, the care of the plant outdoors requires very little effort, which makes them just because of a very popular adornment.
Sowing of miracle flowers
When sowing, the miracle flower proves to be extremely undemanding, if a few things are considered.

  • the seeds should first be grown in small containers
  • the germination period is about 10 days
  • The germination can be accelerated if the seeds have been placed in warm water for one day
  • the earth should be relatively loose
  • the seed and the seedling must always have enough moisture and heat (preferably in the room)
  • if there is no risk of frost (from about mid-May), the seedlings can be planted
If possible, sunny location
The miracle flower (Mirabilis jalapa) can be planted both in the bucket as a houseplant, on the balcony or in the garden bed. The most important rule for a good position is that it should be as sunny as possible. Exuberant sunlight is ideal so that they can develop their flowers. It should also be noted that the miracle flower grows very fast and after two years can have a size of 120 cm. So she needs enough space. For example, a plant can use one square meter of bed. Who decides to cultivate the plant in the apartment, should note that the miracle flower here is a bit more demanding than other houseplants.
Watering the miracle flower
The miracle flower must be watered very regularly and sufficiently.
  • There should always be some ground moisture
  • During the period in which it grows and has not yet formed flowers, a daily pouring is required
  • if flowering time, irrigation must be reduced
  • in hot and dry weather then enough water should be given
  • Just before the resting phase and during the winter, irrigation must be stopped completely
  • then only a complete dehydration must be avoided
Fertilizing the miracle flower
The Mirabilis jalapa needs relatively many nutrients. The soil is normal potting soil or a mixture of compost and peat. Care must be taken that the soil is sufficiently fertilized.
  • The first time should be fertilized in spring, when the first shoots of the miracle flower are visible
  • Afterwards, once a month the sufficient nutrient content of the soil is ensured with a rich liquid fertilizer
  • During the flowering period, it is possible to fertilize every other week
  • In order to achieve an optimal result, special flowering fertilizers and conventional flower fertilizers should be used alternately
  • In winter, it is not allowed to fertilize at all
Difficult hibernation in the garden
The effort to let the miracle flower in the garden over winter, is relatively high. It is not hardy and only up to -5° C for a relatively short time frost hardy. Many gardeners therefore prefer to resort to a renewed sowing in spring. If you still want to let the miracle flower, Mirabilis jalapa, hibernate, you should dig up the tubers of the plant and store them in the apartment. However, this is not very easy, because the tubers are very deep in the ground and can be relatively large. In the spring they can then simply be put back in the bed. This method has the advantage that the plants can develop over several years. They are getting big and strong. Also, they form flowers earlier. Particularly hard plants can also survive in the bed to survive over the winter, if they are protected by special precautions against frost.
Hibernate the miracle flower in the apartment
When the tubers have been successfully dug up, the tuber should overwinter in the apartment. Here are a few steps to the proper care of the tubers required.
  • the tuber is completely free from the rest of the earth
  • The tuber should be placed in a container and covered with fresh potting soil
  • The vessel must be stored dark and frost-free
  • the ideal temperature is 5 to 10° C
  • The earth must be kept slightly moist continuously
  • From February, the tubers must be brought to a light and warmer location
If the plant has been cultivated in the tub, it is sufficient to cut the plant down to the tuber before wintering and place the tub in a dark and frost-free place. Again, the earth is to keep moist. This saves a lot of work.
Worth knowing Wunderblume in brief
  • For the care of the miracle flower, Mirabilis jalapa a regular circumcision is not necessary.
  • Unfortunately, if the plant threatens to take up too much space, you should cut away the growth of last year a little in the spring.
  • The miracle flower is not particularly susceptible to a specific type of pest or disease.
  • However, if it is attacked once, use conventional insecticides.
The miracle flower is often referred to as the flower of the working people. Their flowers open only in the evening, or in overcast skies. It makes no demands on the ground, but a partially shaded location is preferred. The flowers exude in the evening a sweet, but very pleasant scent. You can sow them well from seeds, or you put the tubers beginning / middle of May in the field. However, the tubers are not hardy, must be dug up in the fall and overwintered like dahlia tubers.
  • The color palette ranges from white to yellow to deep purple colors, but there are now also multicolored varieties.
  • With multicolored varieties, it can happen that three different colors can be found on a single petal.
  • When propagating from (self-collected) seeds do not necessarily germinated plant-specific plants. Remember, if you trade seeds for others...
Every single plant produces a lot of flowers, and the plant does a great job as every single flower blooms only one night. Nevertheless, the plant is overflowing with bright flowers for many weeks. Can be cultivated very well in window boxes, or in pots. These plants are an asset to any balcony and patio. In the evening you can not only enjoy the bright colors, but also this unique, wonderful fragrance. The pollination of the flowers take over the moths.

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