Wood an environmentally friendly fuel

The Content Of The Article: The ecological factor of tile / stoves is undeniable. Is wood as a fuel material a renewable resource?
Wood combustion does not release climate-damaging carbon dioxide unlike the burning of fossil fuels.
Wood lying around in the forest releases just as much carbon dioxide as it would burn when it rotted. Heating with wood therefore does not contribute to climate change, but rather stops the natural cycle in the atmosphere. During its growth, a tree converts the carbon dioxide into the vital oxygen.
Burning wood releases the amount of CO² that the tree has bound for years during its growth. Thus, there is no additional environmental impact when burning wood. The resulting ash can then either be used as fertilizer or disposed of with household waste. Important when heating with wood is a sufficient air supply. If there is no adequate combustion air, the wood gas (CO²) can not be completely burned and ends up unburned in the atmosphere. The result would be a waste of heat output. Modern fireplaces are equipped with an automatic air supply for the combustion air.

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