Clad wood panels with plasterboard - 8 home improvement tips

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Sometimes the simplest is the best solution. In our case: painting.

We have just embarked on a long-term project: A friend inherited an old farmhouse on the Baltic Sea, which several friends want to repair together. A room was made habitable, for holidays and of course further construction. In October, I was there with my husband, he wanted to tackle a room that was completely renovated in the once-popular Finnish sauna outfit. Neither our style nor the style of the manor house, it should be white and smooth. My husband thought about screwing Rigips on. As always, I was responsible for the research work and wrote an overview of the decision-making process:

  1. It is theoretically possible to simply let the wood panels go and screw on rigs. But you should be clear that this way has disadvantages. First of all, even more space is lost, already through the wood paneling, the room has already become a little smaller.
  1. Even more massive is this loss of space, even if there is an internal insulation under the wooden panels. The doors are then already in fairly deep niches, if it still comes on a layer, it quickly results in an ugly tunnel effect for the doorway.
  1. In addition, quite different problems may arise here that affect the changes in the wall structure. If the dew point shifts, then water falls in the middle of the wall, this moisture could not only make the wood moldy.
  1. It is therefore advisable to look under the wooden panels. If the insulation is affected, a professional would have to decide that the wall structure is not changed unfavorably by the new layer Rigips.
  1. Simply applying plaster to the wood panels has another disadvantage: wood works, plasterboard is stiff. One would always have to meet the battens under the panels, even then one is not yet sure of cracks in the plasterboard.
  1. A specialist will therefore always advise to remove the wood paneling. If the wall structure underneath is in order, the slats of the wood panels may possibly be used immediately as a substructure for the plasterboard. If a vapor barrier is missing, then the battens must be removed, then first the vapor barrier is introduced, then new battens and then the plasterboard walls.
  1. If you have no great desire to dismantle the wood panels themselves, a friend had a good tip: Just give up a classified ad or a notice in the nearest supermarket, usually you're lucky and someone comes down, which degrades the wood itself and then continue to use it,
  1. If everything is fine and solid and only disturbs the color, there is another possibility: you can just take white paint and paint the wood paneling.

From all these points of view, the solution for our project crystallized quickly: There is no insulation (not necessary, brick house with additional insulation of peat and clay). But a look under the wood paneling showed a wall that needed a lot of work (moguls). We did not really want to do any plastering, neither of us can really do any good. So: color, white, stroke, done!

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