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If you own a wood heating system, you know that a wood splitter is a sensible investment. Once again, Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at 10 devices. Which is the best, read here.

Test victory brought the Scheppach Ox 1-850

Wood heating systems are trendy

The winter and thus the heating season is just coming to an end, but only those who take precautions need not be afraid of the next winter. Basically, wood heating is currently very much in vogue. The reason: Wood is significantly cheaper compared to fossil fuels and also easy to procure.

Of course, a wood heating but also has a disadvantage: the firewood must be crushed usually. Anyone who wants to make the shredding of the trunks particularly easy, therefore has a wood splitter behind the house or in the garden.

Stiftung Warentest once compared seven horizontal splitters and three vertical splitters in issue 12/2011. Which device is most suitable for which user, and which devices are not recommended, read here.

Vertical splitters are suitable for stove owners

A tip of the Stiftung Warentest: Oven owners who want to heat the whole winter with wood, should rather resort to the larger vertical splitter. As a rule, these devices develop significantly higher forces and can therefore process significantly more wood more effectively.

The following wood splitters were tested in the test:

»Petrol wood splitter Scheppach Ox 1-850
»The electric log splitter Güde DHH 1050/8 TC
»And the electric log splitter Atika ASP 8 N

The device from Scheppach is the strongest in the test with 3.7 kW of power and a maximum splitting pressure of 8.5 tons and, thanks to the gasoline engine, it can also be used very flexibly. The other devices work electrically, press the splitting wedge with 8 tons on the wood and are less powerful with 3.5 or 3.0 kW.

Test result:
All in all, all three devices were equally convincing. The test victory was won by the Scheppach Ox 1-850 with the test grade GUT (2,0), whereby in particular the splitting power and the existing safety device were praised.

With good (2,2) but cut the other two, with about 400 € only half as expensive electric log splitter from Güde and Atika. Again, the testers praised each of the splitting power. Atika's device, however, the safety device is only satisfactory.

Horizontal splitters should favor fireplace owners

The seven horizontal wood splitters tested show a far more differentiated picture. These devices are especially suitable for occasional use.

Test result:
Only the Atika ASP 4-370 achieved the test grade GUT (2,5) here. The testers even have to warn against the AL-KO KHS 3700 and the Woodster lh 45. Here the safety equipment was poor.

All information about this test can be found in the magazine test (issue 12/2011).

Here is a video of a horizontal log splitter, which we like:
(It is the Güde Spalty W 370 - ideal for normal home use)

Video Board: ATIKA log splitter info for Mr. CORVAIRWILD !!.

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