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Who can call a terrace his own, spends a great deal of his free time on just this. Since you want to make it really cozy and under some circumstances also get a little holiday mood on the local terrace. The cosiness begins with the selection of the right floor covering and here wood is favored in the first place.
This is i.a. due to the fact that wood has special properties that are especially suitable for outdoor use.
Wood is naturally very resistant and therefore durable - a not insignificant factor for a wooden terrace. Furthermore, there are a variety of wood types, so that in terms of appearance, the personal wishes and ideas can be considered. In addition, wood is a material that is very easy to process. This makes it possible for the layman to build a wooden terrace himself.
All materials, accessories and sometimes even tools can be obtained in a well-stocked hardware store. In addition, you can buy the wooden planks for the flooring on the terrace in a specialist retailer.
In the hardware store as well as in the wood trade you can have the individual panels cut to the required sizes on request. However, this is a very costly affair, so it should be well-balanced at this point if you can not do this work yourself.
Build wooden terrace yourself - the preparations
Before you can enjoy the first coffee on your own, new wooden terrace, you must mark out the area on which the new terrace is to be created. Then, a substructure must be created, which not only ensures that the wooden terrace forms a flat surface, but at the same time is a protection against decay of the wood from below.
Once these preparations have been made for the wooden terrace, you should decide on a specific type of wood and calculate how many wooden planks you need to be able to lay out the entire terrace surface.
In addition to the wooden planks, there should still be screws on the shopping list. Here are stainless steel screws, because they are also best suited for outdoor use. The number of screws should not be underestimated. Quick are sunk at a terrace of about 25 square meters 600 screws.
Once all materials have been purchased, it can go to the actual terrace construction, which is not so difficult.
Worth knowing about the care of a wooden terrace
Even if wood is by nature very resistant to the various weather conditions, by taking certain measures, the longevity of the wooden terrace can be increased by several years.
So you should definitely make sure that the wood is pressure-impregnated. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to treat the patio wood at regular intervals with a wood preservative varnish or a wood oil.
Which product is best suited depends on the type of wood. For more information, you can get anywhere where you can buy the terrace wood. Usually you can also buy the corresponding wood preservatives here.
If you have decided on a terrace wood, in the surface of which are grooves, a lot of dirt is usually fixed here. This can be easily removed with the help of a high-pressure cleaner. Since the water shoots at such a device at a high speed and thus also with a high pressure on the boards, it is after cleaning to check in detail whether there is still a wood protection at all points. Possibly. this must then be renewed in places.

Clean wooden terrace - which wood is easy to clean?

Once again, cleaning the wooden deck is on the to-do list. Oak, Douglas fir, teak, larch or bangkirai - different types of wood require different care and cleaning methods.

Wood tiles with click system - just move

Even though today, for reasons of comfort, a wood covering is chosen for the terrace, many people shy away from the work associated with the correct construction and laying of a traditional decking made of wooden floorboards or wooden tiles.

Wood tiles made of acacia wood - prices and benefits

When wood is to be laid in an area that is outdoors, wood preservation is a design that minimizes exposure to water in the water.

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