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Snow, rain and UV radiation can be very bad for wooden garden furniture. Here is a guide on how to repaint garden furniture made of wood and so refresh.

In the case of wooden garden furniture, the paint will break off over time

Wood is a classic that has always been up to date. Still, it is a very popular material for garden furniture, which is due to the rustic style (see N24 article The trends in garden furniture). Also, wood furniture blend in very harmoniously with the nature of the garden picture and can score especially in the issue of durability and quality. Not to be despised is the environmental compatibility of wood, which can be recycled to one hundred percent practically after its disposal.

Tropical woods are very resistant

Trees exist on many latitudes of the globe, and as different as the climatic zones that characterize these trees, so is the wood of varying quality for the furniture industry. When it comes to the weather resistance and elasticity of local woods, they often have a disadvantage compared to tropical woods. Because especially tropical woods are here thanks to their environment at an advantage.

Two examples of exotic quality woods that are very suitable as garden furniture material are:


This wood comes from the Southeast Asian Rattanpalme, which stands out in the local forests, especially by their long, stalk-like growth. It is extremely flexible and tough, and since the colonial epoch of the world as a perfect braiding material and support material for furniture in the open air (for example, on available) very much appreciated.


Teak also comes from a tree found in South Asian climes. The quality of the teak lies in its naturally high degree of impregnation with resin, which gives the wood a similar suppleness as domestic woods that have just been oiled. This is especially beneficial for garden furniture.

Wood is very dependent on care

As much as wood exudes an aura of tradition and coziness, the biggest disadvantage lies in the regular need for care. Wooden furniture can become lazy in moisture or be decomposed by UV light. Therefore, it is mandatory that you inspect your wooden garden furniture for any damage during any gardening season.

Often it is just the paint that flakes off after a few years. If this is the case with your garden furniture, do not buy new ones, just paint them anew. That's not hard at all. Just follow the instructions below.

Instructions for repainting wooden garden furniture

Step 1 - Remove old paint coat:

Brush wooden garden furniture

First of all, you have to free your garden furniture from the old varnish layer so that the new paint does not become irregular. For this you should first of all use a wire brush.

Once that's done, you'll need to pick up a spatula and scrape off the last remaining paint.

Step 2 - Roughen surface:

Sand down wooden garden furniture

In order for the new coating to last well, you must now roughen the wood surface with sandpaper. After sanding, it is important to free the surface of any sanding dust. It is best to use a duster or a microfibre cloth.

Never wipe the surface with a damp cloth, as the moisture will then penetrate the wood, causing the primer to not hold properly.

Step 3 - Prime the wooden garden furniture:

Prime wooden garden furniture

Now you can prime your wooden garden furniture. Make sure that you always use the brush in the same direction. This will give you a beautiful smooth surface afterwards.

Then let the primer dry overnight. Best place the garden furniture indoors. So you can make sure that neighbor's cat does not make himself comfortable on the furniture at night, thus ruining the painting.

Step 4 - Repaint wooden garden furniture:

Paint wooden garden furniture

If the primer is nice and dry, then you can finally apply the varnish of your choice with a varnish brush or glaze brush. Again, you should pay attention to a uniform application of paint in one direction again.

Then let everything dry well, put the wooden furniture back in the garden, and enjoy the new look.

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