Gardening in spring - March, April, May

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There is always a lot to do in spring. Woods, roses have to be blended, beds have to be cleared. The first weeds are noticeable. Now is also time to divide up taller perennials, spread fertilizer and compost on the beds, or renew the bark mulch layer. Container plants can / should be repotted. Spring is also ideal for putting new ideas into action. Plans that have been thoroughly worked out in the winter can now be realized.
If you have nesting boxes in your garden, you should remember to clean them in early spring (end of February, beginning of March) so that tits and other small birds can use them again.
When the garden awakes from hibernation, there is much to do. As early as February, it is possible to start sowing certain plants in mild areas. Ground frost should not be present if you want to sow directly in the garden. Spinach, lettuce and radish are among the first vegetables to be sown in the cold frame. It is best to grow plants in the home or in a heated greenhouse. Then you can put them in the garden at the right time.
Spring is a good season to grow woody plants. Strong branches of privet, forsythia, boxwood and willows are used for rooting in water glasses. Wintered fuchsias and geraniums need to be cut back strongly. You plant them in new soil. However, they are only issued after the Eisheiligen.
With the beginning of the garden year, a lot of work is going on to prepare the garden for the winter after the winter. Whether to carry out repairs or to restore order in the garden. Find out what work is required and what you need to be aware of.

Gardening in spring - March, April, May: time

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