Snail fence: an environmentally friendly snail guard

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Anyone looking for an environmentally friendly snail protection, is well advised with a worm fence. For fencing vegetable patches is one of the most sustainable and effective measures against snails. And best of all: you can easily build a worm fence made of special foil yourself.

Plastic or steel?

Worm fences are available in different materials. The fences made of galvanized sheet steel are the most expensive variant, but keep almost a whole gardener's life. On the other hand, only a fraction of the total must be spent on barriers made of plastic - but the structure is a bit more complicated and the durability is usually limited to one season.

How to build a worm fence made of plastic

First, the vegetable patch is searched for hidden path and field snails. Once all the snails have been removed, they can start building the worm fence.

Step 1

Connect corners

First fix the plastic sheet around in the floor (left) and then connect the corners (right)

So that the worm fence is firmly anchored, it is sunk about ten centimeters deep in the ground. Simply pierce a suitable groove with the spade or a lawn edger and then insert the fence into it. He should still protrude at least 10, better 15 inches high out of the ground. Pay particular attention to the corner joints for a seamless transition. In plastic worm fences, the corner joints must be adjusted by folding the plastic sheet, which is usually supplied as a roll. Anyone who has opted for a worm fence made of metal, lucky: These are namely supplied with corner joints. In both cases, study the assembly instructions beforehand, so that no loopholes are created.

Vegetable bed with snail fence

So that snails can not overcome it, the upper part of the worm fence must point diagonally outwards

When setting up the worm fence, make sure you keep enough distance to the crops. Outwardly overhanging leaves quickly become a bridge for snails. When the fence has been completed, fold the upper three to five centimeters outwards so that the plastic sheet in the profile is shaped like a "1". The outward-pointing crease makes it impossible for the snails to overcome the snail fence.

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