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Snails garden prevent tips

The hobby gardener's biggest enemy is the snails next to the weeds. They can become a real plague. And you'll enjoy the garden buffet: lettuce, strawberries, dahlias, clematis, marigolds, lupines - just to name a few. When the table is richly decked, they come in droves. Here are our three tips for you Prevent snails.

1. worm fences

On the one hand, you can of course omit plants that are on the menu of snails, on the other hand, you can protect its valuable plants but also. So worm fences keep the animals from crawling into the beds and getting used to the plants.

2. Ring of ash or sawdust

A ring of ash or sawdust around the beds is also useful, because snails do not like that. Must be renewed only after every rain.

3. Sprinkle slug grain

Setting up beer traps is not recommended as it only attracts more snails. Alternatively, sprinkle slug pellets while laying out boards. There hide the animals when they sleep. So you can collect them and bring best to the neighbor in the garden (just kidding), of course, released into the wild.

Important NOTE
Even if you are annoyed by the snails, please do not forget that the animals are also useful. In addition to garden plants, the snails eat plant remains and decayed leaves. Likewise, snail grain should be used with caution, because in addition to the snails, all birds and hedgehogs have access to the "poison". There are differences in the purchase of slug pellets that you should be aware of as a responsible garden owner. Slug pellets based on ferric phosphate, available here, is much more environmentally friendly than other varieties. The iron and phosphate found in the slug pellets are a natural component of the soil and are thus harmless to animals that settle in the garden. Even in organic garden cultivation slug pellets based on ferric phosphate are used.

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