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WPC decking requires regular impregnation to retain their positive properties. In order to guarantee that nothing goes wrong, here is a little guide.

Impregnate WPC decking

The decking boards made of WPC (Wood-Plastic-Compoud) are relatively undemanding and easy to maintain, which is due to the high plastic content. They do not need to be constantly oiled or painted with wood preserving stains.

However, they do not come around for a regular impregnation so that they do not lose their positive material properties such as moisture resistance and stability so fast. This also serves primarily to protect against contamination and signs of aging.

We would like to explain step by step how to carry out the impregnation of the wood-plastic composite material here.


You need:

  • Bucket of lukewarm water
  • WPC Cleaner
  • wipe
  • WPC impregnation
  • Paint roller or brush
  • Paint tray or flat bowl
  • funnel
  • paper towels

Prepare decking

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the impregnant, you must thoroughly clean the planks before application. Put lukewarm water in a bucket and add some WPC detergent (for less than 20 Euro) to the heavily recommended planks according to the manufacturer's dosage recommendation.

Spread the water or the washing solution generously with a cloth on the planks. Then loosen the overlying dirt using a scrubber or a brush. The so loosened dirt can be easily absorbed with the cloth. After cleaning, wait for the terrace to dry completely.

Impregnate WPC planks

Now give the impregnation (My recommendation: Greenwood protection impregnation colorless) in a paint tray or a flat bowl. For the job, you can use a wide paintbrush or a paint roller. The brush is a better choice if the surface of your planks is textured and has distinct pits. Adhere to the principle of the amount of agent to be applied: "No dry spots, no standing liquid".

Watch how fast the WPC absorbs the impregnation. If there is no moisture after five to seven minutes, the planks are still receptive and you can apply a second coat thinly.

" Tip: When impregnating the planks, work backwards so that you do not step into the still damp surface or kneel on it.

Allow impregnation agent to act

20 to 25 minutes after the last application, the planks should be completely dry. If remnants of the impregnating agent have stopped, the substrate is already completely saturated. Remove these remnants easily with some kitchen paper. Any impregnation agent remaining in the paint tray or bowl is returned to the sales container using a funnel.

Very important: keep an eye on the weather

The entire process of cleaning and impregnating WPC planks should take place in a dry environment. It should not rain on the following day either. Keep an eye on the weather forecast to choose the perfect day to care for your WPC patio. We wish you good luck!

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