Canary rot in endive salad - Leaves turn brown

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Supply the soil with calcium

Endive salad is tasty and healthy. Have you ever heard of Kranz rot in endive salad?

Do not put too much salad
If you plant endive salad in the garden or in the greenhouse, you should make sure that you do not overdo it. For all too soon, endive salad can be infested with coronary blight, especially if it stays in the ground too long. So if you have to harvest ten lettuce heads at once, then you would probably only have to eat salad for a whole week.

Leaves turn brown
Of course you can also prevent the coronary blight. It manifests itself in brown leaf margins, which occur on the middle leaves and form a wreath. If you do not act fast enough, you will find out a short time later that the leaves continue to rot and you can throw away the salad.

Supply the soil with calcium
In order not to let wreath rot occur, the soil should always be well supplied with calcium. Also, the water supply should be sufficiently available so that the salad receives the nutrients, but waterlogging should be avoided. High pH promotes good health so you need to check the soil regularly.

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