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Type / Family: Perennial. Belongs to the Compositae (Asteraceae)
Care: Low. Easy care
Foliage: Long, delicate, fresh green, fern-like pinnate leaves with a spicy, camphor-like aroma. Some varieties with gray-green foliage
Growth: Bushy upright habit with large leaf stems, from which the erect flower stalks protrude, often growing expansively
Ingredients: Essential oils, bitter substances
Height / width: 40 to 120cm high and 40 to 90cm wide
Location: Sunny, warm. Permeable, rather dry, like loamy ground. Good with few nutrients, but no waterlogging
Planting time: sowing in the autumn in the house or in spring directly into the field
Cut: near the ground in spring (February). Pruning after flowering promotes re-flowering. The strong middle flower is turned off promoting lateral growth.
Partners: Above all blue-blooded animals such as bellflower, globe thistle, larkspur, sage. Beautiful also tone-on-tone with steppe candle. Ornamental grasses as a loosening
Propagation: Share in spring or after flowering in autumn
Care: Is grateful for annual fertilizer in spring, but is not mandatory. Water only when dry
Wintering: Winter hardy. Protect from too much winter wetness
Illnesses / diseases:
Does not tolerate waterlogging, especially in winter, and then die quickly
Good cut and dried flower. Lasts especially long if they are cut off immediately after blooming
Popular bee and butterfly pasture
May cause allergies in case of contact
Edelgarbe (Achillea hybrid)
Likes to spread by stolon formation
Goldsheaf (Achillea filipendulina)
Height 60-120cm, about 90cm wide Flowers from June to November in yellow or red. Partially gray-green foliage. Cottage garden perennial. Comes from the Orient
Purple Yarrow
See the species Yarrow below
Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
Also called purple yarrow or thousand-leaved yarrow. Height 40-100cm. Flowers from June to September in yellow, white, red or purple. Is native of Europe to Siberia and Asia and naturalized in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Pointed perennial. Belongs to the medicinal plants
Marsh Yarrow (Achillea ptarmica)
Blooms from June to August in cream
Millipede yarrow
See the species Yarrow above
Varieties (selection)
'Coronation Gold: gold sheaf. Height 80cm. Well-known hybrid with golden yellow flowers until November and gray-green foliage
'Crimson Beauty: Yarrow. Height 60cm. Blossom in bright red
'Fanal: yarrow. Height 60cm. Blossom in bright red
Tierra del Fuego: Yarrow. Blooms from June to July in bright orange
Salmon Beauty: Noble Yarn. Bloom from June to August
'Lilac Beauty: yarrow. Height 60cm. Flowering in strong purple
'Moonshine: Yarrow. Bloom from July to September in sunny yellow
'Nana Compacta: Marsh Yarrow. Blooms from July to August in cream
'Paprika: Yarrow. Blossom in bright red
Parker: gold sheaf. Also called 'Parkers's variety. Height 100-120cm. Very stable with golden yellow flowers and green leafy
'Pretty Belinda: Yarrow. Height 50-60cm. Flowers in different pinks to violet tones
'Red Velvet: yarrow. Height 50-60cm. Flowers in strong red with yellow center. Color hardly fades even when it blooms
'Sammetriese: Yarrow. Height 80cm. Flowers in velvet red
'Sulfur Blossom: Goldgarbe. Height 60cm. As the name suggests, sulfur-yellow flowers are complemented by greyish-green foliage
'Terracotta: yarrow. Height 50-80cm. Flowers in orange to coppery red to reddish brown. Fits very well with low yellow flowering plants such as hussar button
The yarrow has a high content of essential oils and bitter substances, which is why it is used as a hemostatic and disinfecting medicinal plant

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