Yellow cocktail tomatoes - how they are grown

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The yellow cocktail tomato is a very aromatic, often almost sweet-tasting garden fruit. How to grow yellow cocktail tomatoes can be found here.

Yellow cocktail tomatoes often taste sweetish

Exotic look

Not only because of its exotic look, the yellow cocktail tomato makes a good impression. The perennials, some of which are even tall, carry numerous small fruits at harvest time, which can be eaten directly from the bush. And for decoration in salads and on cold plates, the yellow cocktail tomatoes are particularly good.

  • Yellow Pearshaped: The pear-shaped Yellow Pearshaped is a very early-ripening variety, which requires a lot of water and sufficient nutrients, which is why a regular fertilizer is recommended.
  • Golden currant: For a longer harvest time has the round Golden Currant, which requires very little water and whose perennials grow about 60 to 80 centimeters high.
  • Lollipop: Also, the Lollipop, which is considered an import hit from the US, has a longer harvest time.
  • Gold Nugget: The Gold Nugget, which can even be easily placed on the balcony or terrace as a container plant, also has a longer harvest time.
  • Goldita: A more golden-yellow, slightly orange cocktail type is the Goldita, which tastes very sweet and therefore eaten by children.
  • Mirabell: Even the golden yellow Mirabell, which bears abundant fruit until the first frost, tastes sweet-aromatic.


The cultivation of yellow cocktail tomatoes goes just as well as the cultivation of conventional cocktail tomatoes. Thus, the tomatoes may be e.g. from seed itself, whereby sowing usually takes place in February / March. The plants must then be grown in a well-protected, sunny room or greenhouse. Ideally, even small plant pots are provided for this purpose.

But you can also buy an already well-grown tomato plant in stores and set in the field mid to late May - when the frosty days are finally over. It should be noted that yellow cocktail tomatoes need a sunny and sheltered location.

Tip: Never plant potatoes in the immediate vicinity of yellow cocktail tomatoes, which would otherwise lead to diseases such as of brown-eye disease.


Yellow cocktail tomatoes need the same care as other tomatoes too. However, it is important that the abundant fruit-bearing strains are always tied to stable trellis poles. Likewise, leaves close to the ground should be removed continuously, otherwise they will only rot. And even with the yellow cocktail tomato, thinning out the strain is extremely important for a rich harvest. Within the side shoots, simply break off the additional shoots that form in the leaf axes by hand.


The small fruits are harvested from July, partly into October, in which they are plucked only from the bush. Unripe fruits can easily be ripened on a sunny window sill and then consumed.

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