Do you have to prune a walnut tree?

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A cut is not necessary

The walnut tree only rarely needs a cut. This should also be very economical. The walnut tree can form a beautiful crown even without a regular cut and the growth of the tree is pyramid-shaped.

Treetop also grows without cutting

Because the growth is very loose and therefore does not need to be thinned, you have one walnut neither trimming, The treetop grows without cutting to a diameter that can be at ten to 15 meters.

So if you decide to plant the walnut in your own garden, this should be taken into consideration when choosing a location so as not to give shade in the wrong places in the garden.

Cut in late summer

If you have to prune the huge walnut tree anyway, then the branches should be removed immediately starting from the sprouting point. This cut should then be done best in late summer, since the tree then best tolerates this.

Treat interfaces with wound closure agent

Caution is called when cutting the walnut tree even after work. It is important that the tree is treated with a special wound closure agent immediately after the separation of the individual branches so that fungi and other tree diseases do not get a chance at all.

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