Protect young vegetables from pests

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Protect young vegetables from pests

Spring time is also the time when vegetables are sown. At least when it comes to cabbage, leeks and radishes. And that's exactly how it works Young vegetables from pests to protect.

Leek moth and vegetable flies are to blame
Malefactors are the leek moths and the vegetable flies. These nest in the still young vegetables and eat cavities into it. Sometimes you can see that in leeks very nicely if you cut it open. There are then small corridors to recognize.

Protect nets
So to avoid this pest infestation, one should protect the young plants. This is best done with a net stretched over the beds. So that no pests really can penetrate, the net at the edges should be either weighted with stones or the like, or buried in the ground.

So the vegetables are always protected and can flourish magnificently. Incidentally, this procedure also makes sense for all other types of vegetables. Although these are not tackled by said pests, the nets also protect against snails and hares.

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