Do not leave vegetable patch lying down?

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Do not leave the beds undone

The vegetables are harvested, the bed cleared empty. And now? Should the vegetable patch be left fallow?

Vegetable beds can dry out
If the vegetable patch is harvested, it is often left empty for months. And that's exactly what's wrong! Because when the vegetable beds are left fallow, they not only dry out, but also receive no nutrients that are important for subsequent plantings. That's why you should replant such areas immediately. If not with vegetables, then with other plants that make an excellent natural fertilizer. In addition, it looks better when the beds are planted, right?

Plants relax the soil
The plants loosen the soil with their roots and enrich it with nitrogen and other important constituents. Acker bean, summer vetch, sainfoin, rapeseed, flat pea and teal clover for nitrogen-poor soils are particularly suitable for this. If you have clay soil, choose the summer vetch, yellow mustard, lupine, flat pea, or incarnate clover. If the soil is medium heavy, the bee lover is the best plant and if the soil is acidic then you should get yellow lupins. Oh yes, for calcareous soil the sainfoin is recommended.

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